With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tech devices, people have found different ways to entertain. It has become a trend now to download and watch pirated content online through various streaming apps available for smartphone and PC platforms.

One such popular website for Korean drama and movie streaming is KissAsian. Many of you must have heard about this site and want to know more about it. 


KissAsian is an online platform for watching Asian drama series and movies. The website only provides all kinds of content from Asian productions featuring Asian characters. The platform offers all kinds of TV series, shows, dramas, biographies, movies and much more from the Asian regions.

kissasian drama

There are many reasons why the KissAsian platform is so popular around the world. Many users have different questions regarding the authenticity of this website and they ask many questions regarding the platform and the content they offer.

Before we start discussing its authenticity, let us go through the features and content the platform offers to its millions of users around the world.


  • Packed with complete entertainment from old to latest dramas and movies
  • Contains a huge library of dramas with over 2800+ TV series and movies
  • All popular Asian movies available
  • Won’t ask users to turn off ad-blockers
  • Built-in media player with all advanced features
  • Requests section to add new movies and dramas to your content library
  • Supports subtitled and dubbed videos in various Asian languages
  • Users can explore shows and movies from different countries like South Korea, China, Malaysia, Japan, etc.

With so many plays and movies from Asian countries, including Korea, most of the users want to know whether KissAsian is a legit platform or not. Here, we have tried our best to answer your question satisfactorily.

Is KissAsian Legit?

If you explore the web market, you will come across many online streaming platforms that can provide you with the best of entertainment absolutely free of cost. You do not need to purchase a subscription plan or pay for access to the app; They are completely free.

Similarly, KissAsian also serves its huge content library for free to users who want to explore and watch Asian movies and drama series. KissAsian does not carry your content; All the ingredients, ie. Drama series, movies and more are not legal.

The platform does not buy copyrights for many of the shows and movies that they put on the platform. For that reason, it is not legal to search for non-copyright material from this library.

It is completely safe to explore this platform, and will not cause any harm to your computer system or any other device on which you are accessing it. To protect yourself from the legitimacy of this platform, we suggest you use a VPN that can hide your identity and location.

Safe to watch 

Being a popular Korean drama and cinema platform, KissAsian offers many advantages for the audience who want to spend their time watching their favorite Asian movies and TV series without paying anything. Let us discuss some of the benefits of using this platform.

  • It does not harm your computer system. It is free from malware and viruses, so you don’t have to worry about malware attacking your computer system or mobile device.
  • It doesn’t ask you to turn off your ad-blocker. No bloatware will appear when you stream your favorite movie or TV series.
  • The website does not track your web behavior or as we may call web activities. It is completely safe to use and doesn’t require you to open with Incognito Mode.
  • Some of the content on the KissAsian website is legal to view so you can also view legal content on the platform.
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If you get bored of exploring the same content available on Kissasian’s website and want to explore something new on your computer system, then you should go for an alternative to this forum. Many of our readers are asking about the same and we have thought of compiling a list of the best alternatives to the Kissasian platform.

Here we have compiled the list of best alternative Kissasian for those who are diehard fans of watching movies and TV series of different regions in their spare time. The following list will give you access to your favorite TV series, original content, movies, and more legal and illegal.

Best KissAsian Replacement

1. Viki


VIKI is a worldwide TV website like KissAsian that allows millions of people to watch, shows, and global movies in up to 200 languages ​​and a variety of timeline shows. Vicky is known for bridging the cultural and language barriers between the audience and the entertainment industry. Viki, a project of the Rakuten Group of Companies, attracts an audience of 2 billion people worldwide. This company includes not only Abate but also Viber and Lyft. Wiki also provides a downloadable application and you can also use Wiki Downloader to save wiki videos to MP4.

2. Kocowa


The three biggest drama sites like-DramaFever-kocowa Korea’s KissAsian broadcasters launched a website in the US, Kocowa (ie, Korean Content Wave). It gives its users a single platform to watch a variety of popular Korean dramas, TV shows, programs and K-pop shows. Within hours of broadcast in Korea, the programs are uploaded to American audiences on Kokowa with English subtitles. Cocoa works on a variety of devices, such as tablets, PCs, mobiles and smart TVs as well. Their services are offered on a subscription basis with no advertising, but one can enjoy free but ad-based programs within a day of broadcast.

3. MyDramalist


From our list of similar websites to KissAsian, MyDramaList is one of the best sites to consider. The primary goal of MyDramaList is to provide a platform for Asian drama fans and movie buffs to discuss their favorite plays and shows with other fans and create their own playwrights. One can also make lots of friends while watching and discovering new scenes and movies and having fun. After several years of beta testing and difficult development, MyDramaList was launched on 6 April 2011. At this time, this website is in beta mode as it is not perfect. MDL is another community-based project that allows people of all backgrounds to connect with a wide range of Asian drama, cinema, actors and actresses. Anyone can register on this and create an account free of cost.

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4. DramakoreaIndo


Do you want to download high-quality videos? Dramakoreanindo is one of the websites like KissAsian that will allow its users to download content ranging from 360p to 540p. In addition, it provides links to various websites from which one can download movies. This website is neat and offers only a few Korean dramas to download as compared to other sites like Wiki. Nevertheless, this website has headlines making movies. Also, this site has fewer ads, and it will encourage its users to watch more movies and stay on it.

5. ViewAsian


When it comes to the design, all the plays and movies are painstakingly listed in the relevant categories, which will allow its users to easily find the videos as it is user-friendly. A search bar is also present, which will help you find content. This website includes movies and dramas of many genres like thriller, comedy, romance, and much more to keep you entertained. The sidebar also shows the most viewed videos and scenes of the day or week, letting you know what kind of content is trending. You won’t miss a single thing related to Korean, Chinese, or Taiwanese movies or dramas.

6. Viu


PCCW operates a video server called Viu. It was first released in Hong Kong. Entertainment content from all over the world is available on this site. Thus entertainment seekers will enjoy movies, videos, and documentaries as per their choice. In Hong Kong, this website can be considered the first OTT platform. Initially, the company provided its services for free. This means that initially, the company provided free video streaming, and after the site grew a substantial number of users, it introduced the subscription method. The programs were only available to subscribers. Because of its premium package, it is actually one of the excellent websites similar to KissAsian. Various plays are also available. No matter whether you are looking for animated programs or movies, this site will cater to all categories of entertainment seekers.

7. Hulu


Hulu works as another website like KissAsian. It provides live streaming videos which people love to watch in their free time. The site not only provides its services to entertainment seekers, but it also serves as a source of giving readymade audiences to creative artists who are waiting to showcase their work. Hulu has many competitors, but even though it has maintained its top spot due to public preference. It not only provides high-quality videos but also offers a wide variety of videos of different genres, due to which is the ultimate determination for the viewers. It not only shows current shows and movies but also shows past shows.

8. Netflix


Netflix is ​​a source of entertainment for those who are headquartered in Los Gatos, California. The services on this site are subscription-based, whether you wish to view videos on websites or applications. Netflix is ​​world famous for drama sites like KissAsian for providing videos of all genres on one platform. People all over the world can use this application multiple times. In addition, they can enjoy free videos for a whole month. One has to pay for TV shows and movies and opt for a monthly subscription plan in some countries like Iran, India, China, and Japan. Syria, Korea, Crimea, etc. Netflix is ​​an indispensable entertainment source.

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9. Yepdrama

Yepdrama is a premium online streaming service that is available completely free of cost for those who are searching for an alternative to the KissAsian website. 


The website serves a rich user interface where you will see a lot of popular movies and TV show posters on the front. Some categories can also be found on the front page where you can watch Movies, Drama Series, Korean Dramas and Movies, Chinese Dramas and Series and much more.

You do not need to create an account or register on the website for this. The website is free and you can start watching your favorite movies and TV shows in Full HD resolution with the built-in media player.

10. Ktvdrama

KTVDrama is a dedicated platform for those who love to watch Korean dramas and movies online. This platform is one of the most preferred platforms where you will get regularly updated content of Korean Drama Series and Movies. The site adds new content every week that you can start streaming online with the built-in media player.

When you visit the website, you will see various categories on the main page, along with an updated list of movies that you can search through to find the suitable movies of your choice.

It is a free-to-use platform where you will not be asked to create your account. It only requires a high-speed internet connection to stream your favorite content without any interruption.

11. Boxesian

The Boxesian interface works the same way as other websites for watching Boxesian Korean dramas. It has a huge list of upcoming plays for Chinese, Taiwanese, and Cantonese dramas. In addition, the Boxasian website for Korean dramas offers good subtitles and video quality with various resolutions. In addition, as mentioned, the website provides good subtitles that can be easily understood by even non-native English speakers. In addition, the website is legal and very safe to use. Website viewing and downloading are free without sign-up. You will never be late with your favorite Korean dramas with Boxasian.

12. Gooddrama


Goddrama Interface Let’s say you are looking for a streamlined and filtered method to search the playlist. Plus, GoodDrama doesn’t require a sign-in, and it’s free and available to everyone. Although the site allows some ads along the way, it is safe to use. Subtitles are good, and the site’s video quality is excellent. Although some drama series have low audio quality, this problem does not apply to all series on the website, and drama series can be viewed intelligently.


Along with watching animation movies, watching series is a lot of fun. One of the most popular anime websites is Asian Kiss, but we also can’t ignore the fact that it’s down because of the crowd. So, as we all probably have different opinions on many things, above are some of the best options that you can choose from if you are a serious lover of anime. I hope this article introduces you to some ‘Worth Your Time website.

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