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Among the huge variety of sports that are presented in an incredible variety around the world, only a small list of sports disciplines is particularly popular in India. These include, in particular, football, tennis, field hockey, golf, chess, and kabaddi. A fairly large number of Indians prefer to play these games, and athletes from India take part in various competitions both in the country and abroad.

But the most popular in the country is cricket – a game that is not only loved in India but is also truly worshiped. Along with the extraordinarily famous and popular Bollywood stars, the outstanding cricketers have countless fans not only among Indians but also in other countries of the world. But it is on the territory of India that cricket is a real religion that unites the entire population of the country together. Also, extremely popular are live cricket betting, which is offered to everyone in an online format.

It is thanks to this incredible popularity of this sport that famous batsmen are real stars in their country. Many Indian boys who play cricket somewhere in the yard or the gym try to be like their idols, imitate them, and strive to achieve the same success.

If you are also a die-hard fan of a famous cricketer, you would probably like to have your idol autograph in your collection. But how can this dream come true? The most important thing is to drop all doubts and embarrassment to get exactly what you want.

How to get an autograph from your favorite sports star

The real stars, which are outstanding cricketers in India, represent the willingness to take risks to win and achieve the impossible. Take an example from your idol if you want to get his cherished autograph.

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There are a few basic rules to follow to make your dreams of autograph and photo sharing come true. So, having met your favorite athlete, you need to consider only a few important points:

  • assess the situation to understand whether your request for an autograph will be appropriate in this particular case, whether you will not distract the person from business or personal communication;
  • think about the words with which you will address your idol;
  • prepare all the accessories that will be useful for getting the coveted autograph;
  • Use the right approach that will win the celebrity towards you;
  • be polite and do not ask to sign several items at once;
  • respect the personal space of your idol, not leaning too close to him, if he will not be disposed to it;
  • behave as naturally as possible.

And finally, I would like to recall one extraordinary situation that happened to the modern legend of Indian cricket – athlete Virat Kohli. The number of his fans reaches tens of millions of people, but, despite his incredible popularity, the athlete remains as humane and close to his fans as possible.

At one of the competitions, a 7-year-old fan approached the athlete. And then everything happened exactly the opposite: the boy himself asked the idol if he wanted to get his autograph. Even though the child took the athlete by surprise, he was not taken aback and played along with the boy. As a result, Kohli asked his little fan for an autograph, and when the kid signed, he raised the sheet with the signature high and said with admiration: “Wow, look at this!”

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This case once again proved that even a famous athlete is, first of all, a person who also sincerely enjoys meeting his fans.

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