Choosing the right ambient music for retail stores

Retail stores are often paying a large monthly rental and investing a large amount of money in inventory. Hence they would like to maximize their sales from each walk-in customer to the extent possible. So the store owner will invest a large amount in-store decor, optimize the layout and ensure that the store is always clean. Increasingly using the latest research, store owners are finding that playing the right ambient music for retail stores will increase sales. Hence many Singapore store owners are interested in finding suitable music solution providers for improving the store ambiance.

Music type

Most people are listening to music at home or while traveling in their car, to relax or while dancing since it improves their mood. Research has indicated that the type of music will affect the behavior of shoppers in retail stores. Relaxing slow music, like classical music, will encourage the shopper to spend more time in the retail store, increasing the value of the items which the shopper will purchase. On the other hand, if the music is very loud and energetic, some shoppers may not like it, and they will often try to finish their purchases quickly and leave.

Music selection

Usually, the owners of retail stores do not have much experience in optimizing the ambiance of their retail store to increase sales. Hence it is advisable to hire the services of a specialized agency focusing on providing ambient music solutions for different types of retail stores. The agency has done extensive research on the shopper profile for various retail stores, and the effect of different types of music on their shopping behavior. The agency will review the retailer information, shopper profile and consult the store owner to find the optimal ambient music for the store.

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While selecting the agency it is advisable to check the customer list for the company, stores that are already using the services for ambient music. To provide background music for commercial applications, the agency should have the license to a wide range of classical and other music. Typically the agency will have licenses to over one million music tracks so that their clients can play different music according to the time of the day. The agency will classify the music according to the different types of retail stores, the music for a jewelry store will differ from ambient music used in a fitness store.


After the retail store has finalized the ambient or background music, the agency will implement the music solution for the client. This includes setting up media players for playing the ambient music, deciding the volume of the music to have the desired effect. In some cases, the store may wish to vary the music depending on the time of the day. Additionally, for festivals or on weekends different music may be selected. Playlists are used to automate the process of playing music, reducing the effort required. One of the main benefits of using the services of a music solution provider is that since the agency already has the license for using music, the cost is usually far lower.

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