Items To Consider For Your Health Checkup List

Staying On Top Of Your Health

Every year you get older, your body gets a little less able. True, there are those who stay in excellent shape well into their seventies—just look at these elderly bodybuilders, the oldest of whom passed away at 96. You’ll notice many of those on this list went to see the next reality in their early eighties, but not all. Even bodybuilding won’t endlessly prolong life.

However, there are things you can do proactively today, even if you’re getting on in years, to make yourself more healthy. One of those things will involve rounding out your health through medical checkups at intervals.

Certainly, it’s wise to ensure diet and exercise are balanced in a healthy proportion as regards your daily routine. Even so, there’s much to be said for a person’s will to live. Also, sometimes congenital conditions exist which can’t be determined except through some sort of checkup.

With that in mind, following we’ll cover several medical checkup items that are worth scheduling in to assure you’re at your healthiest, regardless of your age.

Periodic Full Physical Examinations

At age fifty, physical examinations take on a new sort of quality. The dreaded prostate exam is no fun, but it’s a good example of changes defining physicals at intervals.

Different areas of examination become necessary. It’s just like with your car, where it’s wise to inspect belts at the 100,000 mile mark. The body, similarly, has components apt to wear out over time.

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General physical examinations that fully ascertain health are very wise to acquire at intervals. Blood pressure, acuity of senses, acuity of reflexes, and the like are important to follow through on every couple years. In fact, doing so yearly isn’t a bad idea—but that may be slightly overkill.

Hearing Considerations

The ears do tend to diminish in their ability to hear over time. Like other bodily components, they flat wear out. The thing about hearing is, getting a proper examination of hearing ability is best done through a professional group like Apex Audiology over a general practitioner.

Such groups can help you find the best hearing aids, if those are necessary, and practice more safe activities as regards “ear health”. For example, loud environments can have their damaging qualities reduced through use of headphones. Sometimes earplugs may be in order. The popularity of hearing aids that are rechargeable has soared in recent years due to the increasing number of individuals suffering from hearing loss related to loud noise.  

General Vision

Cataracts develop over time for many. There are also things like astigmatism which can impact vision. Sometimes there are exercises that can be done to help retain vision. Sometimes new spectacles are necessary. Sometimes surgery is the best option. At about fifty, the healthy vision needs of people will likely switch up, and it becomes time to visit an optometrist.

There are foods you can eat which will help your vision, and activities you can do to reduce negative vision impact over time. For example, don’t sit too close to computers or television sets. Be sure to focus on things in the distance, and things that are nearby. Don’t let your eyes rest for long periods of time on a fixed point without refocusing.

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Staying Healthy Over The Long-Term

Vision check-ups, hearing checkups, and general physical examinations represent a decent cross-section of checkup categories as age advances. Podiatrists for feet, otolaryngologists for issues of the ears, nose, or throat, and orthopedic specialists may also be in order. It will depend on your situation.

Generally, specialists in areas of bone health or head health (beyond the eyes and the ears) aren’t going to be as commonly necessary as audiologists, optometrists, and general practitioners. However, they may be.

The three groups of medical professionals here represent a strong baseline for recurring checkups, but be sure you know other practitioners in your area; especially for issues that may be unique to your particular biology.

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