5 Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Many homeowners can create interiors that do not feel complete despite spending many hours choosing the right color scheme, wallpaper, or furniture. If you cannot put your finger on what is missing, you might have made one or two gaffes that are preventing a room from reaching its potential.

To create a property that fills you with pride learns about the five interior design mistakes to avoid in 2021.

Mistake One: Underestimating Scale

Many people make the mistake of incorporating items that are the same size or level. Yet, this can make a room appear cluttered and unattractive. For this reason, each room should feature products with different heights, shapes, and sizes. It is a tactic you should use when picking furniture, placing wall art, or incorporating decorative items, such as flowers, sculptures, and plants.

Mistake Two: Painting a Room First

Are you guilty of painting a room before picking out textiles and fabrics? If so, you need to stop this bad habit in 2021. It is a smart idea to find attractive curtains and rugs first, and you can then easily find a paint color to match. For example, you could pick a paint color from a certain pattern when decorating your home. If you paint first, you might struggle to find materials to match your color scheme and taste.

Mistake Three: A Lack of Personality

While you might be tempted to replicate a room style from an interior design magazine, it will fail to complement your personality and taste. To create a comfortable, relaxing home, you must incorporate personal touches into your interior. For example, a custom print could reflect the places you have been, your hobbies, or even your family. You can find the perfect bespoke print for your needs at craftoak.com, such as personalized posters or a city map or star map design.

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Mistake Four: Impulse Buying

Every item you incorporate into a room should be thought through. While no-one is saying you cannot buy an item you fall in love with; you would be wise to keep hold of the receipt in the chance it does not match your interior.

As hard as you might try, you might need to accept that an impulse buy does not work in a room. If an item does not help tie a room together, you might need to return or donate it. Create mood boards for each room and find items that perfectly match your interior.

Mistake Five: No Focal Point

If you want a room to stand out in your guests’ minds, you must incorporate a focal point that will transform its look and feel. While wallpaper and high-quality furniture are important, you must integrate statement pieces that draw the eye. An attractive fireplace, elegant chandelier, or bold wall art will catch people’s attention and bring a room together.

If you embrace the above top tips, you could create a stylish, harmonious, and comfortable interior that will wow your loved ones.


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