How to match curtains with walls-curtains for white walls

Regardless of how exquisite your furnishings are, they must fit harmoniously to create a beautiful setting. Isn’t it? This is particularly true given that partitions and window coverings are adjacent. You must match your curtains to the color of your walls for a uniform, professionally furnished appearance. In case you are wondering how to match curtains with walls, here’s a guide for you. Give it a read! 

Recurring wall color

Ensure the curtain pattern incorporates at least some of the color palette for a color-coordinated aesthetic. Pick a theme with a white or ivory backdrop if your partitions are white or ivory. The hue in the foreground or background of the cloth pattern can be repeated if you’ve chosen to go with more vibrant walls. In either scenario, you don’t really need to rely on an identical hue match.

The eye recognizes the color as repeated, as long as it is no more than two shades darker or lighter than the wall color.

Monochromatize it

Pick curtain fabric with the same color family with your wall color. However, go with a brighter or darker version for a timeless effect with solid-colored curtains. For instance, choose burnt orange drapes if your walls are apricot or the opposite. Keep your decor within two or three shades of the wall color if you like more of a modest color change.

Decide on Complementary Colors

On a color wheel, opposite colors are said to be complementary. Despite the fact that complementary color schemes are timeless, using solid-colored curtains with solid-colored walls is generally not an option due to the stark difference.

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Instead, use a fabric design that combines a neutral with the complement of your wall color to soften the contrast. The complementary color to blue walls is orange. An orange-and-ivory striped pattern, or an orange-and-white quarterfoil design are suitable choices for the curtains. 

As an alternative, you can choose a pattern that combines various values of the wall color’s complement with neutral shades, such a paisley design with ivory, tan, and orange colors, varying from apricot to rust.

Remain Impartial

By selecting curtains in a neutral color, you can soften the overall appearance if your walls are a bold color. Warm and cold wall colors both complement white curtains. Similarly, you can select vice-versa colored curtains for white walls

Choose ivory, champagne, or buttercream drapes with warm-colored walls to create something less stark. Go for oyster or dove gray with cool-colored walls. For a neutral appearance, you can use either solid colors or tone-on-tone patterned textiles. You can adorn the curtains with a complementary band of cloth that coincides with the color of your walls on the forefront or hem to provide visual interest. 

Choose curtains that are the right size

Choose a curtain with a width that is at least twice as wide as your window. Your windows will appear more exquisite and the space will appear larger.

Next, decide on the one that has the length required to make the style of curtains you desire.

For instance, a longer curtain is required if you are adopting a real puddle style. The distance between it and the curtain rod should be at least 6 inches longer.

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A shorter curtain is required if you intend to utilize one that has a sill length. You’ll require a curtain that is 12 inch shorter than the distance between the rod and the window sill.

Decide on the Proper Curtain Material

It’s critical to choose curtains that complement the pattern of your walls and couch. This will improve the consistency and coordination of your decorations.

Cotton, velvet, and silk, are excellent curtain materials for traditional designs. For more seclusion, combine it with sheers, roman shades, or wooden blinds.

Use linen and polyester curtain fabrics if you want to create a casual atmosphere. Laced and patterned curtains are less formal for modern decor. It will blend in nicely and is definitely perfect for contemporary décor.


Building a room with a blend of a neutral color and numerous base colors is good. A few accent colors may be necessary for contrast. However as long as you stick to your selected color scheme, any combination of wall and curtain will work.


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