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The companies require that you submit a professional resume and cover letter in order to be considered for their transcriptionist job. So how to create a professional resume or CV and cover letter in English and for free and I had an overwhelmingly positive response with people saying they wanted to learn how to do this. Today we’re going to go through three main steps to creating our resumes. I produce will be on how to make a professional cover letter.

Resume-Example will trump most of its competitors when it comes to appearance. This is because this resume manufacturer offers several templates and customization. It’s easy to use, too. You must make an account before you are able to use it. After that, You reveal all the existing portions of your curriculum vitae in one window and can click on it to update each section. You may also add or rename an existing section and move it up/down as a priority.


When we assessed the characteristics of each site builder from the point of view of someone developing a curriculum variable, Resume-Example did best with 4.7 out of 5. Resume-Example has fantastic built-in tools overall, but these notably jumped out for resumes:

Edited contact form — Resume-Example also gives the ability to book an ‘appointment’ as well as a range of stunning contact forms that can be used directly on your contact page.

Good SEO – Would you like to be found through Google? Resume-Example has all the capabilities you need in order to succeed – but you might have to hunt around and discover them.

Download option – Upload a resume for quick printing to your website

Her blog features, like social sharing, flexible postcards, and podcasts, are also outstanding.

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Here are the three steps to success

  • The first step is to reach search and find sample resumes. That we can use to modify our own resumes and use wording we like from these resumes.
  • The second step is optional, but I recommend it. We’re going to activate a proofreading extension on Google Chrome. That will help us as we’re typing out our resumes to check for any errors. You cannot have any errors in English on your resume; especially if you’re applying for an editing proofreading or transcription job.
  • So this is a very important step. The third step is using a  free website online to design our resumes.

 And after we complete these three steps, we’ll be ready for making Resume Online.

Basic Points of Resume Making

Before you begin using any resume-building online tool, ensure that you are familiar with the fundamentals of resume writing.

  • How to Write Resume
  • Resume Format
  • Resume Example For Any Job

How to Write Resume:

Professional Title:

The first thing you need to write is your Name.  After Name, is the Professional Title?

This is where you use words or phrases that define you professionally like Problem Solver, Innovator, Mentor, Quick Learner, and Fire Fighter. So make sure that you support whatever you write in your Professional Title throughout our resume.

Contact Information

These are the things that you can mention. First is Email ID Write your phone number and next, mention any social media profiles. Those are relevant to the position you are applying to like your LinkedIn profile you can even mention your Twitter or Instagram handles.


You Can Also mention Skype ID, just in case someone from overseas wants to conduct an interview over Skype. And that is most of what you need to mention in your contact information. Things that you don’t need to mention are your marital status, religious affiliation, DOBor even your photo because all of this is unnecessary information taking up unnecessary space.

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Experience you will mention your current job first and then go back and mention your old jobs in reverse chronological order. So mention the name of the company, your job role, and right beneath it, mention the time period you’ve held that role for.

 Now that you have this template, under each section write down your responsibilities and key deliverables in a bullet point format.  Remember this section is an opportunity to showcase how your experience is aligned to the position that you are applying for.


In case you have been working for quite some time then it’s best to keep your education section short and sweet. Suppose you have been working for 6 years or more then it doesn’t make sense to mention your 10th and 12th percentage. Just mention the details of your last degree.


Typically for a Software Job, you can mention the Languages and Technologies that you know and rate them according to how well you know them. But make sure that you include the skills that have been mentioned in the job description.

Communication Skills:

Critical Thinking Skills, Leadership Skills,   Social Media Skills, Project Management Skills;  basically do not forget to mention the skills that have been included in the job description.

Additional Section     

This is the best time to brag about any awards, certifications, publications, patents,  volunteer work done, languages that you know, extra-curricular activities,  conferences/courses attended, or any other hobbies that you have. That is relevant to the position that you are applying to.

 Now before you hit export and send that resume to a Hiring Manager there are a few important points to remember.

How to Make CV with Resume-Example

Let’s get started on step one, which is research. I’m going to share with you an excellent website that you can use to start researching sample resumes. Of course, you are only using these as samples for how you can write about your past experience. This Site will show us an actual full resume example including skills and everything else. I think is really good for when you’re trying to fill out that work experience section

  • Let’s open this website open your internet browser type Open the first link this is the website where you don’t need to register or sign up to download.
  • You can see a number of CV editable blue background CV with photography modern resume editable classic resume modern resume cv2 column.
  • Let’s scroll down until we see Explorer, resume samples, and then click here where it says start typing your industry.  When we scroll down, you’ll see many different examples of how you would write your experience in your resume.
  • In English resumes, we don’t use full sentences to describe our work experience.
  • To download any CV you have to click on download it will be downloaded.
  • Open the CV click on end editing this is the CV you can edit it as you like. Write your name add your photo follow these steps to edit the photo add your contact information languages summary skill highlights your experience your education and certification.
  • After you are done with editing your CV you can save it in PDF format.
  • Just use these as guides for writing your own resume, and telling employers about your own experience.
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Resume-example is an online resume Making Site with over 20 blank retrieval templates and features to speed up the authoring process. Resume samples may be used quickly and easily and we have interesting resume templates. Example summary that takes you from section to section. All you have to do is fill in the spaces and the resume Making Site itself will put your CV together.


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