Stunning Platinum Blonde Highlights You Should Try

Have ever thought of adding platinum blonde to your dark hair, but then stopped because you didn’t want to have all your hair blonde? Well, you can add some streaks of blonde to your dark hair for highlights. You can choose to have dark, subtle, or other blonde options that are endless.

There is so much fun you can have with these streaks without having all your hair going blonde. So, if you want your stylist to put platinum blonde highlights on you, here are some ideas you can look at to know what you can go for:

1. Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights 

This platinum blonde looks sexy on all women, regardless of age. The roots have a dark hue while the blonde highlights are irresistible while under sunlight. To make the hairstyle more amazing, add some beach waves and maintain your hair at mid-length.

2. Smokey Platinum Blue Hair with Shadow Roots

Most of the hair is dyed blonde and has a smoky blue shadow on the roots.  It adds dimension to the hair and if you decide to let your natural mane grow without dying, it becomes low maintenance.

Platinum Blonde Highlights1

According to LoveHairStyles, if you were to maintain the smoky blue color, you will need to maintain it frequently. A purple shampoo should be used to prevent your hair from turning yellow.

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3. Dark to Light Platinum Ombre

It can be a DIY style, where you use a box dye for the style. If you are not good at DIYs, go to a professional to have this great platinum ombre.

4. Silver with Platinum Streaks

It was created for people of all skin tones. The best thing about this highlight is it is created depending on your skin tone. That is if you have a cooler skin tone, extremely cool-toned hair will look perfect on you.

This platinum blonde highlight is a high-maintenance style that needs to be retouched every 4-6 weeks to make sure your hair does not break. 

5. Transitional Medium Blonde Highlights

Blonde styles don’t get as perfect as this one. So, if you are looking for a perfect hairstyle, then, this is what you should settle for. The hairstyle is loved by young girls, especially those that are easily bored by wearing the same style for a long. However, it doesn’t mean older ladies cannot rock it as well. It blends baby lights, which goes for a full head, then, in between, there is balayage and a glaze added over the top to make it even more stunning.

6. Icy Blonde Pixie for Older Women

The icy colored pixie is fun and texture. It looks incredibly good on older women who want to rejuvenate their hairstyle and rock something more sassy and lively. To maintain its stunning look, women should consider seeking advice from their hairstylists because getting this done wrongly can really disappoint your efforts. It is to ensure they get the right recommendations on when to retouch the color.

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7. Dimensional Blonde Tones

It is a blend of platinum and blonde to create a beautiful icy balayage. This hairstyle does not need a frequent retouch, unlike the white blonde, making it a low-maintenance style. 

This is not a DIY hairstyle as it requires a stylist who knows your hair limits and can check it in between to ensure they do not go past these limits.

8. Short Platinum Ash Blonde

Hair is maintained at jawline length to achieve the best look of this platinum blonde. It creates icy white hair, which looks super cool. Because it is all about lightening your hair, proper maintenance should be made to prevent damage. Besides, if you need something more stand out, by contrast, you can opt to include burgundy highlights to your hairstyle. It is a great way to rock your blonde hair and enjoy something not so vibrant but appealing.

9. Champagne Blonde Waves

It is an icy white blonde whose natural root shadow is soft. The low-maintenance hairstyle needs to be shampooed using a purple shampoo. It is also recommended to use a repairing conditioner that helps in keeping the ends soft and healthy.  When wearing this platinum blonde, minimize the time between touch-ups and toners.

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