How to Increase Engagement on Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most active social media platforms! However, having thousands of followers doesn’t mean much if they’re not engaged with your brand. Today, we will show you how to increase engagement on Twitter and drive traffic to your page!

What Is Engagement on Twitter and Why It Matters?

Twitter engagement refers to the ways your target audience interacts with your brand. Whenever a user follows your account, likes, replies, or retweets your posts, mentions your brand, or clicks on your links, that’s engagement!

Engagement matters because it allows your brand to reach a bigger audience, gain more visibility, create connections with your audience, and promote transparency.

How to Measure Twitter Engagement?

Your Twitter engagement rate allows you to measure how your engagement is doing on the platform. However, calculating this engagement rate manually can be troublesome.

Thankfully, there are Twitter analytics tools that will help you measure engagement and other performance metrics. The native analytics tool is okay, but we encourage you to invest in a better tool for more valuable insight.

How to Get More Engagement on Twitter?

If you’re wondering how to increase engagement on Twitter, the following tips will help you reach your goals!

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Find Best Time to Post

This social media platform sees over 350,000 tweets a day. That means you have competition, so you need to find the right time to post. This way, your tweets will find your target audience’s feed more effectively.

On average, Twitter folk are more active between 8-10 am and 6-9 pm. Schedule your tweets accordingly!

Talk About Trending Topics

The easiest way to increase engagement on Twitter is to stay on topic. This is a fast-paced platform, so there’s always a trending topic engaging people in conversation.

Find creative ways to talk about those topics so your brand can be a part of the chatter. We recommend you see how other brands do it for inspiration!

Post More Visual Content

Twitter users know that you can go a long way if you include images or videos in your posts. That’s why adding visual content to your tweets is so important for engagement.

We recommend you include a GIF in your tweets because they get around 55% more engagement than tweets without any GIFs!

Engage With Your Customers’ Tweets

If you want customers to interact with your tweets, you need to do the same. This is one of the best ways to engage your target audience. Instead of just tweeting, reply to followers or interact with their tweets.

Whenever you engage with your customers’ tweets, that conversation will have visibility in the feeds of other users. That’s exactly what you need!

Create a Twitter Space for More Engagement

Twitter Spaces is a kind of forum that allows you to interact with your target audience in real-time and connect with them. Twitter Spaces are good for conversations about products and customer service.

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Additionally, you can host feedback sessions to hear what customers have to say, host Q&As, and more engaging content!

Always Use Hashtags

Creating content on Twitter means you have to use hashtags. They are essential because they help you find your target audience more effectively. That leads to greater engagement!

However, stick to one relevant hashtag and your tweet will be 69% more likely to get retweets.

Ask for Retweets and Likes

There’s nothing wrong with asking for retweets and likes. In fact, it’s a simple way to increase engagement on Twitter. Using a CTA like “please RT”, “please like”, or “please share” can go a long way.

Especially if you’re offering an incentive or if you’re trying to spread the word on a new product, sale, or news.

Don’t Tweet Too Much

It’s not always easy to get eyes on your tweets, but you don’t want to saturate the feed with your tweets. If you post too much, it will do more harm than good in the long run.

Tweeting 1 to 3 times a day is enough. You can always interact with users regularly to increase your engagement without tweeting too much.

Recreate Great Content

If you have content that did really well in terms of engagement, it doesn’t mean you can’t recreate it!

You already know people loved it and recycling it will allow you to get new eyes on it. Not to mention things get lost in the feed, so it’s a second chance for people to see it.

Leverage Your Followers

Once you have a loyal Twitter following, you should leverage it. Build relationships with your audience and they will become great advocates for your brand.

Interacting with followers is very important if you want to increase engagement on Twitter and drive more traffic to your website.

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Run Twitter Contests

Twitter contests are a great way to increase engagement. A giveaway provides your target audience with an incentive to follow, like, RT, and share because they get something out of it.

A contest has a better chance of going viral, which means you’ll reach so much more people. Just make sure to organize it well!

Share a Variety of Links

The best way to get clicks to your website is to include a shortened link to it in your tweets. You can also share blog posts, other social media, valuable content, etc.

Just make sure it’s relevant to your brand and credit other brands/users if you take content from them.

Add Humor with GIFs and Memes

Twitter is the land of funny memes and GIFs. So, one of the best ways to increase engagement is to use those resources. Inject humor into your brand so it can have a personality!

Use memes and GIFs whenever appropriate, especially when talking about trending topics.

Buy Twitter Retweets

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If you want instant engagement to boost your growth on the platform, buy Twitter retweets! The process is easy and you can buy as many as you’d like. 


Apply these useful tips to your strategy and your Twitter engagement will increase! That means greater reach, brand visibility, conversions, and success for your business.

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