Get The Most Money From A Car Accident

Car accidents are some of the most undesirable events in life, and no one would want to get involved. However, according to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 17 thousand car accidents happen in the U.S. daily. Therefore, it would be best to have an idea and prepare how to deal with car accidents in case you get involved in one.  

If you’ve been involved in an accident, especially if you’ve sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to file a lawsuit. State law requires the at-fault party to compensate you for any damage you may have sustained in a car accident.   

Get The Most Money From A Car Accident

But how can you get the most money and proper compensation from a car accident? This article explains the steps you need to take to maximize your car accident claim. Read on.

1. Work With A Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the factors that may hurt the value of your car accident claim is the late filing of the care. Depending on your state, the personal injury law has stipulated the timeframe for filing a car accident case. Filing your lawsuits late may affect your compensation. And in some extreme scenarios, the judge may declare your car accident case null and void.  

While that’s the case, you may have sustained severe injuries making you remain in the hospital for several months. This causes a delay in filing the case. That’s why working with a personal injury lawyer is necessary. 

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The hired personal injury solicitor will take complete charge of filing your car accident case. As a result, there will be no delay.  The lawyer will also offer qualified legal advice to ensure you comply with the law when filing your claim.  

Also, note that most personal injury lawyers have good negotiation skills. Therefore, hiring one to represent you in court or mediation helps maximize your compensation.  However, you must work with the best attorney in the market.  

2. Seek Medical Treatment 

Go to the hospital immediately after being involved in a car accident. This helps find medical treatment to boost your recovery process. Additionally, seeking medical treatment goes beyond enhancing your health. It can help you to get the most money from a car accident. 

The medical report is crucial evidence of your injuries to support and strengthen your claim. Additionally, the medical bills showing the total money you spent on treatment will help compute the compensation you’re entitled to. As a result, you’ll get the proper settlement for the car accident. Make sure you visit an established and recognized hospital.   

3. Call Police Officers

In most cases, traffic police officers will come to the accident scene. But if they don’t show up, consider calling them. They’ll respond, investigate, and write a police report.   

Take note that police officers are knowledgeable in traffic rules. Therefore, calling one to come to the accident scene helps confirm that the other party was responsible for the accident. This also enhances your settlement.

Calling the police is also essential, particularly if your car got damaged in the accident and you want to file a claim from an insurance company. The specific insurance firm will likely ask to see the police abstract before compensating you. Therefore, to increase your chances of getting justice and receiving the most money in a car accident, remember to call the police officers.

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4. Take Pictures Of The Accident Scene 

Your ability to get the most money from a car accident mainly depends on how much evidence you produce. You’ll barely receive any compensation without evidence. Therefore, you should try to document as much evidence as possible.    

There are various ways of gathering car accident evidence. One of them is taking pictures. You can present them to the court to help support your claim and calculate your compensation. That increases your chances of getting more money. So, take photographs of your damaged car, injured parts of your body, and areas around the accident scene.  

5. Find Witnesses

Like photos, witnesses can help provide additional evidence for the accident. So, look around the car accident scene to see whether you can find witnesses. When you find them, take their contact information. You’ll also want to determine their position at the time of the accident, what they’ve seen and heard, and where they were coming from or headed. If their statements support your claim, you can ask them to write and sign a brief witness statement.


Getting the most money in a car accident isn’t easy, especially if you’re filing such a case for the first time. By implementing the strategies described in this article, you’ll increase your chances, maximize your lawsuit and get the most money.