Rideshare Accidents in the United States

Rideshare accidents have been on the rise on the roads of the United States. They have caused injuries to numerous ridesharing passengers, pedestrians, and passengers in other motor vehicles. More tragically, the accidents have resulted in the loss of lives of both pedestrians and passengers. Research shows that accident risk increases whenever a ridesharing vehicle is present on the road. The following five are the leading causes of ridesharing accidents.


Speeding has been identified as a cause of accidents for ridesharing and other vehicles across the country. Based on the statics given by the national highway traffic safety administration, more than nine thousand people die due to accidents caused by speeding every year. Additionally, about 26% of all accidents result from speeding. A study revealed that a passage is usually safer if they caution the driver on the risk of speeding.

Overdriving road conditions

Every road has its ideal speed limits the driver should observe. Whenever weather condition is extreme and unfavorable, the danger of driving increases. Hence, ridesharing drivers are supposed to slow down; otherwise, they risk causing an accident because severe weather like rainfall, snow and fog reduces visibility and the ability to stop promptly whenever there is a need to stop. Unfortunately, some ridesharing drivers do not respond to such conditions.

Disobedience to traffic rules

All drivers are obligated to obey traffic rules such as traffic signs and signals. Failure to follow traffic rules can make them guilty of negligence. If their negligence results in injuries or death, they can be criminally or civilly liable. In some instances, multiple drivers can be responsible for an accident. If a rideshare vehicle is involved in an accident with other vehicles, it becomes complicated to determine whether the rideshare company is liable. Therefore, car accident attorneys should be consulted to determine whether rideshare company is accountable and start helping to fight for compensation. For instance, there are knowledgeable lawyers in Chicago who handle various accident cases such as determining liability, personal injury, and destruction of property. Hence, hiring a lawyer like this rideshare attorney in Chicago can help.

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Passengers and phones largely distract ridesharing drivers. This is common because they are supposed to engage with the app in search of passengers. Also, they may keep glancing at their phone for directions. It is considered dangerous because they glance at their phones while harrying to pick or drop off passengers who are in a hurry.


In some instances, accidents involving rideshare vehicles come from violent drivers. For example, there was a case whereby an umber driver shot dead six people. It mainly happens when rideshare companies do not perform a proper background check. When a company is negligent in screening, and an injury occurs as a result of that negligence, then the company should be held liable.

When a ridesharing accident occurs, most companies become notorious for avoiding liability. Therefore, it is essential to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.