Eco-Friendly Options

Are you looking to set up a business in 2024? If so, you will have gone through a lot of ideas on to make your business as successful as possible, but did you look into or consider how opting for a greener identity or being more eco-friendly could help?

Research into sales shows that companies that opt for more eco-friendly options do better as the world becomes more eco-conscious, so here, you’ll be guided through some of the options to help you embrace a greener outlook for your business.

Compostable Packaging

If you’re looking to go green, one of the main things that you’ll need to consider when setting up a business that will deliver products is to look into compostable packaging. There are many compostable packaging insights online, which range from starch-based packaging peanuts, bamboo paper and wrapping, all the way to polylactic acid, in lieu of traditional plastic. 

These choices will help your clients and customers see that you’re invested in being eco-friendly while also lowering your company’s CO2 footprint.

Sustainable Products

With the release of Blue Planet II in 2017, the impact of single-use plastics came under fire. This has led to the aptly named ‘Attenborough’ effect, whereby more businesses are aiming to use sustainable products in their operations. So, if you can, make sure that the products that you sell and use are sustainable, meaning that from their conception to creation, minimal CO2 is released. 

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Eco-Friendly Email Platform

What is an eco-friendly email platform? Well, it’s a platform that minimizes its impact on the environment by using renewable energy. So, it might be an email platform that uses solar panels or another type of green energy to power its servers. 

This will allow you to state (without fibbing) that you use a green email platform and server, which can look great for PR, for attracting new customers and clients, as well as just being better for the planet all around!

Sustainable Supply Chains

When it comes to shipping your products from the supplier to your business, is the chain sustainable? This means, is it sustainable for the planet for you to be delivering goods to or from your business, looking at the transport, the packaging, and the waste that is produced? One simple way you can make your supply chain more sustainable is to only use suppliers that deliver using green vehicles and make sure that the packaging that they use is sustainable, too.

Electric Deliveries

Ok, this doesn’t mean delivering your products or goods with a zap of lightning! It means that when it comes to delivering goods to homes or other businesses, you use a green or electric vehicle to do so. This will help you to offset the CO2 emissions that your company produces and will also help you to get tax relief in some cities, thereby saving you and your company money. It also looks great for your PR, as most companies are seeking to lower the CO2 emissions that their transportation vehicles produce.

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