Different types of Embroidery Abayas

Embroidered abaya is an elegant abaya that possibly many modest women would own. This type of abaya features different needlework designs and patterns which are directly sewn on the main fabric or using appliques that are sewn on different areas of the abaya such as the body, plackets, sleeves, or back of the abaya.

No matter what your style is, every stylish modest woman is bound to have a variety of embroidered abayas stored away in her wardrobe. Embroidered abayas can be simple or extravagant and decorated with pearls, lace, net, trims, and other decorations. They come in a range of styles that will help your outfit look more unique.


For instance, some embroidered abaya has decorated designs in contrasting colours to make them stand out, making them ideal for both formal and informal gatherings. While some embroideries can be very minimal, some are intentionally fancy like gold colour embroidery which gives the abaya a lasting impression –– your wedding reception would be meaningless without a stunning piece like this! Pair it with your favourite heels and you’ll be certain to get tons of praise your way.

Below are some different types of embroideries:

Floral Embroidery

Floral embroidery, which is a common design found in abayas, uses different types and shapes of flowers that are then sewn on the abaya. Floral embroidery exudes a very feminine and elegant appeal making it suitable for any kind of occasion, ranging from wedding events to daily running of errands. It is no wonder why a floral embroidery abaya is so popular! This could mean that a floral abaya can either have simple and small embroidered flowers sewn sparingly all over or a small area or a floral abaya that is elaborately designed with oversized flowers to make it look lavish. Either way, there will be an abaya with floral embroidery that will be suitable for everyone.

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Chinese Silk Embroidery

The Chinese have been practising silk embroidery techniques for thousands of years. The details of such work are intricate as some are handmade, making the overall piece very elegant with its fine details. Some of this work can be rather elaborated as this can include patterns such as birds, flowers, animals, and geometric designs crafted all over the fabric that gives it a three-dimensional effect. 

Zardozi Embroidery

With this type of embroidery, the thread that is used is usually gold or silver. This is also usually accompanied using other embellishments such as sequins, pearls, and gemstones. The use of zardozi embroidery can be a rare find, but if you do find one, you can be sure that wearing one of these will set you apart from the crowd! 

Beads Embroidery

Bead embroidery is commonly found in abayas as this could include a variety of coloured beads, such as grey, white, or black. Usually, when white beads are used against black, it exudes elegance as they can mistakenly look like pearls. Hence, for that reason, a black abaya with white beads can be commonly found online as this is a popular style among abaya lovers! When buying an abaya with beads embroidery, one can look out for how the beads are attached to the abaya as depending on the placement of the beads, they can be individually hand-sewn onto the fabric or pinned using a machine. Of course, if you want the beads to last, pinned beads would be the ideal option.

Sequin Embroidery

Just like beads embroidery, sequin embroidery uses a technique that is either sewn directly on the fabric or a separate piece that is then attached to the abaya. This can come in different colours, although black sequins are commonly used. Because sequins have a shine to them, placing black sequins on black abayas can make them stand out in a certain way that makes them look elegant. Sequin embroidery on abayas can be ideal for special occasions such as attending a wedding reception, or a fancy celebratory night.

Lace Embroidery

Lace embroidery is typically done in different variations. There are also different types of laces such as guipure lace which is commonly used in bridal gowns, French lace which is a very delicate type of lace, lace trims, and many more. The application technique would also depend on the type of lace and the placement. For example, guipure lace could be used as the main fabric on its own, French lace would be applied on the main fabric whether sparingly or throughout, and lace trims are usually done along the seam.

Applique Embroidery

Appliques can come in many different shapes and forms such as beaded, floral, alphabets, little insects, etc. In this procedure, the appliques are frequently assembled on another fabric which uses a machine or hand-sewn. Some appliques may come with added glue on their back so they can simply be ironed on the fabric, although this may not necessarily guarantee that it will still stick after a few washes. So, to ensure that it lasts, usually stitching is also required in addition to its glue. Applique embroidery is a traditional embroidery technique used on abayas because of its ease of use. 


Embroideries add an extra appeal to abayas and can be stunning for special events. Depending on the type of embroidery used, the glitz and glamour of some can instantly change any outfit from plain and dull to dazzling and vibrant. The use of embroideries is not limited to any colour of abayas, as even black embroideries on a black abaya can radiate charm and elegance. In fact, using black on black adds a dash of sophistication to your ensemble. You don’t necessarily have to be decked in brightly coloured outfits to turn heads as sometimes simplicity can work like a charm.

With an embroidered abaya, you can be sure that they are appropriate for formal or casual events, festive occasions, or even a gala event. If your style is simple elegance and you dislike the attention of bright colours or loud pattern work, then opting for embroidered abayas in black would be an excellent choice.

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