Aztec Empire

A look at some of the most intriguing movies and TV shows of the past based on the Aztec Empire reveals that audiences love the mysteries and legends left behind by this civilization. The Aztec Mummy series of films created in Mexico in the 1950s helped to introduce movie-goers to the possibilities offered by this culture, but what newer types of entertainment are set to carry on with this theme?

Death Whistles and Crystal Skulls

Some of the greatest mysteries arising from the Aztecs are based on the objects we’ve found but can’t fully explain. Among these are the famous crystal skulls and death whistles. 1985’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull takes place in Peru rather than Mexico, despite the fact that many skulls were found in Central America. The authenticity of the skulls found to date is still hotly debated but the terrifying death whistles are believed to be genuine. This musical instrument appears in the new horror movie titled Whistle, in which the instrument summons the characters’ future deaths.

While no release date has yet been set for Whistle, people can also find the Aztec setting used in casino slots when they play Temple Tumble and other themed games. This slot by Relax Gaming has stone blocks across the six reels, which are removed on each spin to reveal symbols such as precious stones. Other slots that use this theme include Aztec Gold Megaways as well as Cashzuma and the Tomb of Wonga, which take a light-hearted approach to the mysteries of the Aztecs.

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The Search for Lost Objects

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is set in Utah and follows the tenacious efforts of the owner, Duane Ollinger, to find what secrets are hidden in the vast cave network on his ranch. This Discovery Channel show entered a new season at the end of 2023 and there’s still little sign of the Aztec Gold he’s hoping to uncover, but it’s turned into a fascinating series that helps to keep the mysteries of this empire alive in popular culture.

Lost Gold of the Aztecs has a similar theme, as it’s also based on the legend that the Aztecs hid a fortune in gold somewhere in the Southwest region of the US before their empire collapsed. This series looks at three families, based in New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada, as they search for this long-lost gold. Created by the History Channel, it’s based on the story of the Seven Cities of Gold, which has captured the imagination of explorers since the 16th-century conquistador Francisco Vázquez de Coronado’s ill-fated attempt to discover these places.

What Can We Expect to See in the Future?

The legends and mysteries of the Aztec Empire continue to reach modern audiences in different ways. While it’s not yet reached the same levels of widespread popularity as the likes of Ancient Egypt or the Roman Empire, the recent increase in the number of shows and games based on this culture suggests that it should continue to entertain us.