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It’s nearly impossible to deny the power social media has as a marketing and advertising tool. With the number of global social media users climbing daily, more and more consumers are using social media platforms to discover new brands. Social media marketing can be intimidating, to begin with, but finding a social marketing agency in the USA that is compatible with your business can take away the stress. 

A social marketing agency can help increase your social media performance and accurately measure relevant metrics to monitor the success of your social efforts. But how do you figure out which social marketing agency is the right fit for your brand?

Choosing the Right Social Marketing Agency for your Brand

Know what you want your agency to do 

Before you begin looking for a social marketing agency, you need to know exactly what you want your agency to do for you. To know this, you need to refer back to your social media marketing goals. Doing so will help you realize the areas you need help in. This could be helpful:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Managing your social media accounts
  • Creating content for social 
  • Generating leads 
  • Boosting sales
  • Creating a community 

Knowing what you need from your social marketing agency also requires you to assess the resources you already possess. This includes in-house designers, copywriters and available budgets. Understanding your scope of work will help you set your social marketing agency budget. 

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Search online for social marketing agencies 

Google is always a good place to start when looking for an agency but always do further research into the top performing agencies. The ones that rank highest often pay for the space rather than earning it. Check out any reviews and past work to make sure the agency is reputable. 

Make sure you look for their current and past clients. If they have clients in a similar industry or niche to your business, it is likely that they are well-known and successful in that field. If they don’t have any similar clients to your business, this isn’t a huge concern, but they might not be the best for your brand. 

Another great place to look online is social media. If you’re looking for a social agency, they should have an active social media presence. LinkedIn will be the best location to find out an agency’s most recent work and clients, followed by Instagram. 

Also on LinkedIn, see what the agency’s leaders are doing. Are they starting and contributing to insightful conversations? If they are, it’s highly likely they know their stuff. This means they will have the knowledge to direct their agency successfully. 

Meet with different agencies 

It’s all well and good researching online, but the best way to see if an agency will work with your brand is to actively talk to them. This enables you to ask all the questions you’ve thought of along the way, ask for case study examples and past results and get into the nitty gritty budget discussions. 

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When speaking to someone from an agency, you will gain a better understanding of exactly what they offer and can do for you. You will be able to easily identify whether they are a social agency, content marketing company, video marketing company, or micro-influencer agency. 

A conversation with an agency is when you need to be clear and realistic about your goals and needs. You should inform the agency about any current activities (for example, blogs and newsletters). The social agency will be able to align its ideas with your current actions and any branding guidelines you have.  



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