7 Benefits Of Video Marketing For Your Businesses

The last decade has seen steady growth in the popularity of video as a medium of mass communication. Videos are no longer a privilege of the entertainment community, and businesses across all industries are looking for ways to create videos that strike a chord with their target audience.

With 54% of internet users enjoying branded video content, businesses have the necessary incentive to invest in video marketing. If you are still uncertain about whether to use video in your marketing strategies, here are seven benefits of video marketing that will help you make your mind.

Video Optimization for Better Organic Traffic

Google and other top search engines give weightage to video content and webpages with videos are ranked higher than the rest. You can take proactive measures towards video optimization and add engaging thumbnails, eye-catchy titles, captions, and descriptions to your video. Identify keywords that are relevant to your video theme and use that in your titles and descriptions.

While adding links to your web pages in the YouTube videos is a good way of attracting organic traffic, make sure that you do not overdo it. If your viewers are hassled with too many links and ads, it will distract them from the video content. This may lead them to give up on your content.

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When you add subtitles and closed captioning to your videos, it improves your discoverability by telling the search engine what the video is about.  We recommend that you use an AI-based tool to transcribe the video audio, as that will give you more relevant results.

Video as a Complement to Your Marketing Strategy

While the popularity of video is growing with every passing day, you need to realize that video need not be the only marketing plan of your brand. For example, if your current marketing strategies include fortnightly blogs, you can convert blogs to videos. For DIY blogs, set-up tutorials, and how-to guides, conversion to video format will ensure better reach.

Editing tools such as InVideo allow you the provision of promptly creating videos from the textual content. Alternatively, you can create monthly video content in addition to your existing blog posts.

Video Helps You Keep Up with the Times

Irrespective of your business domain, chances are that a major fraction of your target group is people below 50. Such people appreciate businesses that are up to date. Promoting your business through inbound video marketing tells your customer that you have a pulse of the present-day culture.

Moreover, video lets you experiment with unconventional content paths. For example, virtual reality is an emerging video trend that is gaining popularity in the marketing world. Of all the businesses that have adopted virtual reality marketing, 64% admit to it being a successful strategy. Other unconventional paths of video marketing include the use of 360-degree videos, shoppable video posts, etc.

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Creating Live Videos at Minimal Effort

Popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow businesses to film live videos and connect with the audience. Since these are shot in real-time, you do away with the need for editing. This is especially useful for smaller firms that do not have experienced marketing professionals and operate on a limited budget.

Live videos garner a better response from social media users as these are available only for 24 hours. Followers suffer from the fear of missing out on these and engage better with such content. The advantage of live videos is that the recorder can see the comments and reactions in real-time and respond to them. That way, they prompt more people to like, share, and comment on the content and give your brand better engagement.

Branding and Building Trust Through Video

Video marketing provides a personal and holistic experience to the viewer and allows a brand to build connections with its target audience. With video, you can share industry insights or extra information on a relevant subject by you or your team. If you do this in a down-to-earth manner, it will sow the seeds of a relationship of trust. That way, people who are interested in your industry will follow your website and social media handles to keep themselves abreast of industry changes.

The more time people spend on your brand page, the higher are the chances of a purchase. Moreover, when people start associating a face with your brand, they are more likely to relate to it. Office videos, behind-the-scenes footages, and CEO interviews are some powerful ways of showing the human side of your brand.

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Customers Are More Likely to Buy from Video Content

In the modern digital era, a good fraction of people turns to YouTube before making a major purchase decision. Video product reviews give a better insight into the product and are usually more honest as compared to a textual write-up. 4 out of 5 consumers agree that a product demo video helps them decide if an item is worth their money.

As a brand, you can reach out to influencers (or micro-influencers) to review your business offerings from their brand page. If your product is recommended by someone to who your target audience relates, you can expect a significant boost in your sales.

Leveraging Videos to Boost Your Email Marketing

Emails with the word video in the subject line report a significantly higher read rate as compared to others. As a brand, you can give a major boost to your email marketing strategies by incorporating videos. Recording videos is easier than ever before, and you can create 1:1 videos to supplement your targeting emails.

Such videos can be a peek into an upcoming company event or product launch, season greetings from the company CEO, or a general company update. Targeted video helps in lead nurturing and can be an excellent communication channel at different stages of the buyer’s journey.

Conclusion – 

Thus, you see that video marketing can help you connect with your audience and get you a good ROI on your efforts. With proper planning, video can single-handedly steer the marketing success story of your brand.



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