How to Avoid Employee Theft from Your Company

Employee theft is a serious problem in the workplace. It’s also easy to overlook as a small issue. But because employee theft is so widespread, it’s worth taking action if you want to avoid it in your business. The first step in avoiding employee theft is recognizing it is a problem. Many people assume this is just a problem among certain industries or companies. However, it’s a major risk for any company. It’s one of the most common types of fraud in the world, and it can spread quickly. It’s usually committed by people with access to your business. They may take advantage of their knowledge and access to your organization. Or they may be your employees who want to take something valuable with them when they leave. Either way, there are ways to stop employee theft before it begins. In this article, we’ll cover how to detect employee theft, how to prevent it, and how to handle employee theft if it happens.

How Can Employee Theft Happen in the Workplace?

Employee Theft is the act of stealing property from a business by an employee. There are a variety of reasons employees steal. They may be embezzling money, trying to get revenge on a manager, or seeking financial rewards for themselves. They may also be driven by an addiction to drugs or alcohol. In some cases, employees steal so they can feed their families. The root of the problem varies. What’s more important is how to stop it before it starts. Here are three ways employees steal from their companies.

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Embezzlement –

This is the most common type of employee theft in the business world. It often happens through fraud or embezzling money. It can happen through shortcuts or writing fake receipts. It can also take place through falsifying records. Whenever an employee has access to finances, they can make money or valuable resources like data or equipment without authorization. With embezzlement, an employee takes money or resources without authorization.

Wrongful Use of Company Assets –

This type of theft occurs when an employee uses their job to get access to company assets. They may misuse their work laptop, use another person’s credentials, or access confidential data. They may also sell or give the resources to a competitor. This type of theft is harder to detect, and it’s often done to gain financial reward. However, there are steps companies can take to prevent this type of theft. You can monitor all of your employees’ devices, access, and data. You can also put policies in place that limit access to company information.

Employees Stealing to Get by –

This is the least common type of employee theft in the business world. It happens when an employee steals because they need money to survive. They may steal from an employer because they need food for their family or money for an emergency. This type of theft is often overlooked. However, it’s a serious problem. You can’t ignore it or assume it will never happen in your company.

How to Detect Employee Theft in Your Organization

Employee theft can happen in any company, regardless of industry. This is because it can happen in any type of organization. It can happen in a startup or a large corporation. What makes it more likely to happen in your organization may be different. But this is because it’s also a bigger issue in larger companies. Companies with more employees have a greater chance of experiencing employee theft. Companies with fewer employees are also less likely to deal with this issue. You can’t prevent employee theft in a company with one or a handful of employees. This means the only way to prevent employee theft is to have a large company. The size gives you more resources that can help detect and prevent employee theft.

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If you want to avoid employee theft in your organization, you must be alert for signs of it. Here are signs you might have employees stealing from you. They’re often subtle and easy to miss. These may include your employees taking resources without permission or stealing from the company. Another sign is if they’re using work resources for personal use, such as personal email accounts. You should also have a policy in place for managing employee behavior. This includes discipline and termination procedures. If you follow these steps, you can detect employee theft before it happens.


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