Permanent Staffing

You may have started a new business or perhaps run an existing one. To take care of growing day-to-day operational duties, you do need to hire permanent employees to serve in different roles. But then hiring people in various profiles on a permanent basis can be a serious commitment.  Hence, you need to ensure that the candidates you select are the right people in your organization. They should be someone who will work with great dedication and are smart enough to undertake all types of tasks. They should also handle their assigned work with great perfection while possessing essential skills to complete their tasks on time. At the same time, they need to stay motivated all the time and have passion for their work. But then how do make such selections? It can be a tedious and time-consuming job

Why seek professional recruitment companies for your hiring needs?

You may wonder why there are numerous recruitment companies having opened their business when you can do it yourself. These days, there are several online hiring portals and social media platforms where you can get your choice of candidates. Then why pay the recruitment companies? 

The truth is things are easier said than done. Permanent recruitment in your organization means you have to provide lots of facilities and perks to the employee once they get confirmed in their job. Therefore, making a wrong selection of candidates in different profiles will mean your business operations will get hampered significantly. Also, your organization will face legal suits and financial damages while market goodwill gets reduced. 

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It is to overcome such issues that most organizations, irrespective of the domain they belong to prefer to seek recruitment companies. These agencies are professionals in the domain and can provide various types of candidates from their huge database. This way, you can reduce your waiting time and ensure the best candidates get to join your organization. 

What facilities are offered by the recruitment professionals?

Permanent staffing solutions offered by the leading recruitment consultants do make a wise choice to seek candidates in all profiles. Such agencies offer easy and quick access to well-qualified and fully screened candidates based on your specific choices. The consultants can be termed to be complete professionals who are completely dedicated to providing your business with assistance to set business objectives. Rather, the process offered by them is foolproof. They also assure a quick turnaround time. 

Identify appropriate employees to serve your business needs

If you as a business owner publish an ad in any leading newspaper or job portal, you are likely to get hundreds of candidates’ resumes within a short time. But the truth is most of them might not just match your business or project requirements. This means you will be simply wasting your precious energy, money and time trying to sort through hundreds of resumes only to find nothing matches your needs perfectly. 

What should you do?

The above circumstance will only leave your HR professionals or recruiters completely tired and dejected. At the same time, the department or the new project where the candidate is to be filled up will only face operational issues. This is due to a lack of adequate staffing. This again will hamper your business prospects, revenue, goodwill, and client satisfaction. 

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In such cases, it will be wise to professional assistance. Once you hand over your staff hiring responsibilities to the recruitment agency, you and/or your HR managers may focus your full attention and energy on the core business aspects. The professional recruitment agency will do the remaining. They can guide you thoroughly in selecting the perfect employees, be it on a permanent or on a contractual basis. Be it a new project or repenting employee numbers, they can fulfill easily and quickly by providing new candidates. 

How did they help?

First, they get to understand your specific requirements in detail. Then, they undertake comprehensive industry research. Accordingly, they develop interest surrounding your organization to attract top talents. The candidate quality that they will provide will enable you to shorten your recruitment process. For this, they use the time-tested approach. They rather personalize their talent search so as to your particular requirements. This way, from their provided candidate list, you can simply shortlist teams or individuals capable enough to manage unique challenges generally faced at your organization. 

The professional recruiters have developed a strong network with time. They use client-specific as well as consultative strategies to select the most appropriate fit to match your business needs and company’s culture. They also claim to have streamlined sourcing/delivery methods to reduce unwanted costs involved when recruiting, training and onboarding new employees. 

Know your requirements

The very first involved in the process is to understand better the client. They spend adequate time to know their client’s business, short-term and long-term objectives, background and company culture. If required, then they also would visit your workplace to have better knowledge of the responsibilities and roles that the ideal candidate is to undertake at work. 

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Personalized recruitment plan

On gathering all essential details from the clients, the professionals generate a customized recruiting plan to suit your business needs. They do boast of having created a large network comprising of talented candidates and job seekers. They may be present not seeking new jobs actively, however, could be interested to take up an offer if presented with one. They also use their personal contacts, networks and alliances at professional and civic organizations to enhance their search. 

Candidate short-listing and verification

In identifying certain candidates, the next step is to initiate personalized interviews. The objective here is to begin the shortlisting procedure. Top candidates are to have soft/hard skills essential to match the profile. Also is conducted background checks along with verification of professional references and work history. Suitable candidates are selected from the pool and their profiles are forwarded to you. This way, you get to work closely with the professional recruiters to select the very best candidates to finalize the job offer.


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