How To Add an eCommerce Platform To Your WordPress Site

Do you know the world has between 12 million and 24 million websites? If you still aren’t leveraging the power of the Internet to sell your products/services online, you are missing an opportunity to globalize your business and attain new customers. 

However, it doesn’t mean you should shut down your existing website and create a new eCommerce store from scratch. Now, you can grow your business online by adding eCommerce to a WordPress website. 

Today, various WordPress eCommerce plugins are available on the market, allowing website owners to turn their existing website into an online store and add a shopping cart to your site. However, keeping efficiency and speed in mind, a limited number of plugins are available on which a domain owner can rely. 

Shoprocket is one of the best existing e-commerce platforms. It allows website owners to create an impactful online store by adding eCommerce to WordPress sites. 

What is Shoprocket?

Shoprocket is an all-in-one, highly scalable, fully-hosted eCommerce platform. To develop a fully-functional online store, you require planning, designing, adding the payment gateways, etc. 

It helps domain owners to convert their existing website into a fully-functional online store.

Benefits of Transforming Your Website into an eCommerce platform

More Business: Adding eCommerce to WordPress sites enables domain owners to start an online platform where they can globalize their business and sell products to more customers.

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Minimal resource usage: Website owners can opt for many resources by using 

Shoprocket as their backend. Using this, they can work making their products catalogs, payments methods, logistics details, and many others. 

Good scalability:  Shoprocket is a great investment for adding eCommerce to WordPress. It can automatically boost speed and uptime. 

In-built payment: Shoprocket allows users to benefit from all in-built payment options available in the market. PayPal, Payoneer, Razorpay, and many others.

Selling across multiple channels: For an e-commerce oriented person who focuses more on product sales, all the WordPress websites work as channels to sell the products online on eCommerce platforms. 

Acknowledge the process to pair Shoprocket with your existing website

The right-hand rule is that you first need to visit the place you want to work. Similarly, the Shoprocket platform allows users to build their profiles by just signing up there.

A blank form will come in front of your screen by clicking the sign-up button. You need to stick to the on-screen instructions for process completion.

How can you create a shopping cart in WordPress Website using Shoprocket?

You can opt for adding eCommerce to WordPress by installing and activating a Shoprocket WordPress plugin in your system. 

Once the eCommerce plugin is installed and ready to function, you can enable the navigation menu labeled in your Big-commerce platform, and you can also add this in your admin panel.

Proceed with the ‘connect my account’ button. Clicking there lets you bring a new window on your screen that asks for your login credentials. 

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A new pop-up will open on your screen where it will demand your channel’s name. Here you can select the automatic listing option and choose those products you want for sale and want a quick display by default display settings. 

Two options enable you to choose the best-suited selling way for your business products. You can select a Full-fledged store or simple blogging to add the shopping cart page to your blog. Try to shape your dashboard according to your customer’s preferences.

What makes Shoprocket an appropriate platform to go with? 

  1. Add attractive products to your Shoprocket store- Your product selection should be up to the mark while placing them on sale. You can also grab ideas from those products that they have shown you in your default settings. 
  2. Setting up payment options-  There are some payment methods you can link with your eCommerce platform instantly. Clicking on the option will automatically place all the buying links for your product purchase itself. 

There are many eCommerce platforms available in the market that complement WordPress sites. But if you need to opt for the best one among others, nothing can beat the speed and performance of Shoprocket. Allowing this platform to deal with your product selling is a great move you can take.


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