How The Rise of Conversational AI Will Impact The World

Nowadays, businesses are trying to find ways to improve their customer experience for everyone whenever they visit their website. They can do it in many ways, such as placing their best-selling products on the front of their main page, create a better search engine within their website, or even provide videos on how clients can use their products. There is also another way to create the experience better: having an AI converse with them.

While you may think that it cannot create the best user experience, that is where you are wrong. You should know that having a Conversational AI Platform can make at least 92% of self-serviced consumer conversations. It means that every user who visits your website gets serviced, ensuring they all get their questions or concerns handled by the AI.

The Importance of a Conversational AI

Imagine you are trying to buy a product in an online store, but you cannot buy them yet because you have several things to ask about the product. So you think of calling the online store’s customer service number, and you do not get an answer. It is always frustrating for customers who do not get answers right away, especially when they are in a hurry to buy the service or product.

You should know that only a handful of customer service representatives can take a call for each customer. Most businesses can’t answer every customer call all the time, so what better way to let someone handle simple questions than a Conversational AI Platform? A business can practically save more time dealing with customers who only have a few simple questions that they can easily find on the website.

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But why make them visit every page when they can utilize the chatbox and talk to the AI? The faster their simple questions get answered, the higher the chances of buying the product or service. There is nothing better than having an automated chatbox to take care of customers who need to get straight answers about anything within the website.

Will AI’s Slowly Replace Humans?

It is the one question that some people are asking nowadays. Due to the recent boom in technology, you can find conventional things integrated into becoming more advanced. A good example is when you need to search for something on the internet quickly, you use your phone’s voice command and ask the question. They can provide you with an accurate answer within seconds, which shows how much artificial intelligence is changing for the better.

You should also know that conversational AI’s are getting used by most companies and businesses with websites that get visited by millions of users every second. A single customer representative can only do so much when taking care of a customer’s needs. In most cases, a call between a representative and a customer would reach between a few minutes, especially if the representative is new. But with a conversational AI talking to the customer, there will be no miscommunication between the two since customers will always get clear and concise answers.

Conversation is Key

One thing you need to know about a conversational AI is that it is not your typical AI. You may have encountered AI chat boxes on several websites, which are very difficult to deal with. In most cases, they can only provide several answers, and you need to type in a specific keyword to trigger an interaction. Any customer who does not have the patience will leave the website immediately, which is never a good sign for businesses as they have lost the chances of gaining a profit.

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However, a conversational AI is completely different from the usual AI. They are both conversational and direct at the same time. They can try to help you find answers even if you do not type a specific word. That makes the customer experience better because they think that they are talking to an actual human being.

What makes it even better is that AI Solutions can tailor the conversational AI and make them sound like how your representatives would usually talk. They can give the AI a bit of personality and life, ensuring that no customer will encounter the same AI. It is all about taking customer experience to the highest level, and what better way to do that than with a conversational AI. If your business has a website, do not forget to utilize a Conversational AI Platform to make it easier for users.  Within a few years, every technology you use will have an AI.

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