Why Investors Should Keep an Eye on Render (RNDR Tokens)

With more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies available, finding the hidden treasures is an expensive and time-consuming venture. Many coins and tokens are likely to fail, and some are simply scams. Only one or two could become an alternative to Solana (SOL) or the brand new Ethereum 2 (ETH) and bring incredible price increases. With the rise in the number of cryptocurrencies, the search for terms like Dogecoin to INR, SOL to INR, ETH to INR, etc., is also increasing.  

But of all the cryptocurrencies available, if there is one cryptocurrency with the potential to be huge is Render. According to market capitalization, it isn’t yet in the top 100 cryptocurrencies but has tremendous potential. It’s not well-known enough to be intriguing but is on enough level to appear on the top cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide.

What is Render?

Render is a distributed system that uses the processing capabilities of a series of computers to produce 3D graphics. Users who donate their unutilized GPU (GPU) capacity to the Render network will receive tokens called RNDR. The virtual reality and3D graphics projects utilize the Render platform to display their images. It’s just one of the many interesting practical applications of blockchain technology.

The most common use for rendering is in computer graphics and movies; however, there are other uses. For instance, architects utilize rendering to produce accurate 3D representations of their plans. The process involves changing the 2D (or 3D) computer image into a real digital model. The rendering process can consume a lot of time and processing power and would previously require the use of a costly studio.

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As the world becomes increasingly virtual, there is a greater demand for top-quality visual effects and graphics. Not only is Render capable of handling complex tasks in a short time, but it also comes with a decentralized digital management system that means creators of content have greater control over the way their work is saved and used.

Can Render Prices Soar?

Render will continue to grow because there’s a rising demand for its revolutionary solution. Similar to Ripple providing real-world utility, even Render offers a unique and relevant value proposition. It is why the RNDR to INR and Ripple to INR figures look so promising. 

The digital world requires an increasing amount of computing power to create ever more complex graphics and Render can meet this need. Render was first designed using the Ethereum blockchain, but the company announced in the year 2012 that it would integrate with Solana. The transactions on Solana are more efficient and less expensive, which makes Render easier to access. There are three reasons to consider Render.

1. It’s a Metaverse with a Web 3 Token

Two of the biggest developments in crypto are metaverse tokens that Ark Investment’s, Cathie Wood, believes will in the near future become trillions of dollars and Web 3. Web3 is a brand new version of the web that shifts power away from large corporations and individuals, for example, the decentralized Render network.

Although the metaverse industry isn’t as big as many believe it will be, these virtual worlds will require a large amount of top-quality graphics. Many large companies like Facebook (now Meta) and Microsoft are investing heavily in metaverses. There are also metaverses that are decentralized, such as Decentraland (MANA) as well as Sandbox (SAND).

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2. It’s Easily Scalable

Utilizing the power of a computer network, Render can easily scale to complete projects of any size. This gives designers more choices in the kinds of projects they could create.

3. It’s More Efficient

There’s a lot of worry regarding the harm Bitcoin (BTC) mining causes to the environment, and this is justifiable. However, not all cryptocurrencies are sustainable for the environment. Some, such as Render, utilize existing GPUs to greater use, which means that businesses don’t need to purchase additional equipment. Lower use of resources results in fewer carbon emissions for the industry of rendering overall.

What Should Investors Do?

The downside to the possible high gains from cryptocurrency investments is that these currencies and tokens may entirely fall apart. It’s a relatively unregulated and new market, and there are plenty of unanswered questions. It’s essential to conduct your own detailed research and only invest money that you are able to afford to lose.

A reason to be wary is that Render has already increased by more than 3500% by 2021, as per CoinGecko data. Other cryptos saw higher growth in an exceptional year; however, it’s a good idea to consider whether this growth rate is viable.

Render is a viable usage case and has a strong management team behind the company. It’s not likely to increase by 3500% by 2022, particularly given the current geopolitical and economic circumstances. However, with a market value of about $540 million, there’s plenty of room to expand. In the longer term it’s a cryptocurrency that could explode.