How does the second career program help you with a better future?

Choosing the right career option is seldom an easy task but having to change your profession at a later stage can be all the more difficult. For many going back to studies is often a taxing decision that has a lot of financial implications.

There could be many reasons as to why someone would make this switch. It could be that their career role was not of their liking or did not pay well or they could have been forced to take a break due to unforeseen circumstances. Keeping all this in mind, a second career program has been launched by the Government of the Ontario Province in Canada which will benefit those looking for job-related support.

What is the second career program? 

The Second Career program is a scheme by the Ontario government aimed at helping laid-off and unemployed Canadian workers. This has been created to ensure that job loss statistics do not rise in the country. The program offers financial support and takes care of all expenses that can incur during education such as tuition, books, and travel. The program is also an opportunity towards continuous upskilling which is required to ensure that workers don’t lose their job to new advancements.

The program provides a great opportunity for displaced workers who want to get trained but have no means for it. It has already become immensely popular with the crowd who are taking full advantage of this scheme to re-start their career. This grant sharing provision also requires a personal contribution that you can give based on your financial status.

Who is eligible for the program? 

The Second Career Program comes with certain eligibility requirements and the most important one is that you have to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of the province of Ontario. You can only apply for the scheme if you are unemployed or have been laid off or are in a temporary job with 19 hours per week work hours to take care of expenses.

You will also be asked to produce some other records which include past employment history including tenure of employment along with a cover and correspondence letter from potential employers and lastly proof of your educational qualification.

Apart from all this, you need to mention your skillset and the course that you think can help you acquire expertise suitable for the desired job role. Also while applying you have to specify the cost that has to be covered during the tenure of the program. You would have to make some personal contribution to the program as well and that amount would be decided based on several factors which include your gross income.

How to apply for a second career program?

To opt for a second career program you have to get in touch with an employment services agency as they will help you select a career program that best suits your needs. They will also assist you in drafting a Second Career application and accumulate all the necessary information to be submitted with the application.

In case you are unable to locate an employment services agency around you then you can get in touch with Employment Ontario Counsellor through the Ontario Government website who can help you with the process.


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