Why you should take up a data science career

Several organizations are looking to leverage their vast and fast-growing data reserves to pull out valuable strategic insights that may offer guidance for the future course of action. Across organizations of all sizes and from all verticals, there is a lot of data and it can be classified and analyzed for various uses.

This is precisely what makes a data science career very popular. Considered one of the hottest career options of the 21st century, this involves gathering, organizing, and analyzing vast quantities of data. Leveraging the insights therein is an important source of competitive advantage for any business.

Technical education is a common trait in many data scientists, and similarly common are degrees in majors such as computers (or others related to computers), mathematics, and statistics. An additional skill that helps the goal of accurate conclusions is business or human behavior training. Along with this, they may choose to pick one of the best data scientist certifications.

How does it compare with statistics?

Though in some ways seems similar to statistics, it is quite different. Both fields use large amounts of data and look for conclusions; what makes data science stand out is the use of technology. Data scientists leverage large databases, work with code to analyze data, and offer digital visualizations of the results. Statistics, on the other hand, is a traditional discipline largely unchanged over the years, seeking to validate hypotheses coming from established theories.

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What exactly does a data scientist do?

A data scientist professional collects and analyzes data, intending to unearth insights. This can be done in many ways:

a). Presenting data in a visual form (also known as visualization): This makes it easier for users to find patterns that numbers on a spreadsheet may not show.

b). Creating advanced algorithms to find patterns and convert an unorganized data set to a form that an organization can make good use of

This work could be used, for instance, to tell an automobile company what colors, interior styles, or engine options are favored by customers, or to inform a mobile phone manufacturer about the best price it could get for phones with different specification levels. There are many other possibilities.

Are there any specialization options in this field?

In the course of a data science career, a professional may choose to specialize in different areas. For instance, he or she may develop expertise in studying particular business activities such as marketing or pricing, or specific industry verticals such as pharmaceuticals or petrochemicals. The government may employ a data scientist to look at threats within and from outside the country.

What does the work environment look like?

A data scientist most often works in a typical office – or these days, remotely – where he or she can interact with teams to ensure suitable communication and collaboration. Details depend on the particular firm, and the pace of work and supportiveness of the atmosphere could vary, along with the emphasis on creativity, speed, and efficiency of work done.

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Are salaries good?

Data scientist professionals typically earn very good salaries. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) includes a category ‘data mining’ (similar to data science) within ‘computer and information research scientists’. For the latter, the average annual income of USD 108,360. Salary estimates for data science from other sources range from USD 93,146-113436, going up to USD 150,000 with at least nine years of experience, and further to USD 232,000 when managing at least 10 people. Given the high demand for their skills, salaries will continue to remain high if the person has the right skillset.

Which skills are useful?

For a successful data science career, the following skills are handy:

a). A desire to learn new things and find answers

b). Creative thinking

c). Focus and attention to detail

d). Great organization skills: essential for working with numerous diverse data points; help to reach the right conclusions

e). The ability to persist: required to continue searching for insights even after repeatedly reorganizing and analyzing data

How does one enter the field?

A candidate could become a data scientist professional right after graduation. First, of course, is academics. A majority of professionals in the field have at least a bachelor’s degree, and a master’s or a doctorate are essential if the candidate wishes to reach leadership positions. Computer science, statistics, physics, and mathematics are among the disciplines in which graduation can help. Degrees that are specialized in data science as against related disciplines are preferred.

Some level of on-the-job experience, though, is very useful to have. Candidates stand to pick up advanced techniques of analysis that may not have been covered in academic programs, along with getting to work closely on programs and practices in use at the place where they work. Regular training helps to stay up to pace. It is also helpful to hold one of the best data scientist certifications, to be up to pace with the newest skills and knowhow and to demonstrate seriousness about a career in the field.

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Data science is a great career option, and not just for the salary. The variety of tasks, the challenges therein, and the immense learning opportunities coming from working with different companies in solving the challenges they face in different areas of their operations. Interesting topics and a wide perspective of business and economy are top reasons for people looking to join this field.


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