What Does It Take To Open Your Own Hair Salon

The beauty industry is becoming an increasingly competitive field and successfully maintaining a business like running a hair salon is no small feat. Operating a hair salon requires extra effort, especially in the initial stages. Some salon owners pull back at the first inconvenience simply because they are not ready for all the challenges that running a business in the beauty industry can present.

If you are thinking about starting a new business opening a hair salon, here are the most important things to keep in mind to ensure long-term success.

Choose the Best Insurance Policy

Salon owners have to choose the required insurance policy for their business type and size. The basic hair salon insurance includes general liability that can protect your business against any mishaps that can potentially occur, like accidental injuries, and professional liability insurance that can guard salon owners against negligence claims. Other insurance options are a BOP or business insurance policy covering general liability and commercial property damage and workers compensation insurance protecting against illnesses or injuries at the workplace.

Develop a Comprehensive Backup Plan

Some beauty industry businesses evaluate that the costs make it possible to expand their services outside the official salon premises. With unpredictable conditions brought on by events like pandemics restricting movement and usual operation, having a backup plan that enables you to flourish even when the times get rough is a valuable investment for the future of your salon.

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It’s All About Location

As in many other industries, your salon location can be a determining factor in the success of your business. Before making the final decision and signing a contract to rent or purchase the place for your salon, you have to make all necessary inquiries about the location. Whether you want to target locals in the area or retain existing clients when relocating, you must consider how the salon location can impact your plans.

Accounting and Inventory First

It is not uncommon for salon owners to do their accounting themselves, but having all of your licenses and necessary documents always neatly organized can go a long way in ensuring your salon business is a successful one. Whether it is your first time operating a salon or you have previously dabbled in the industry, you can never be too careful keeping track of expenses and revenue. Products and tools are expenses that are unique to this particular business, so make sure to keep on top of product supply and demand and regularly maintain and update your tools.

Your Staff is the Heart of Your Business

Beauty industry newcomers may overemphasize the importance of previous experience. While we can not deny that experience is a significant advantage, most salon owners would have no second thoughts about hiring someone interested and willing to learn. Clients form relationships with staff over time, so your employees will directly impact your business. Having hard-working, enthusiastic employees will always keep your clients returning to your salon.

Getting the Word Out and Marketing

When it comes to the beauty industry, there is no doubt that word of mouth marketing is a tried and true method for successfully getting the word out about your business. Besides having happy return customers, the dedication towards your marketing efforts will impact how fast your business grows. Enlist the help of professionals if you must, but to climb on top of the competition, you have to take marketing seriously. Keeping regulars and potential clients informed about updates to your salon services or products takes effort, but the investment returns make the dedication imperative to your business.

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The Customer is Always Right

Regardless of the industry, all businesses in the services department must ensure a level of client satisfaction. How you treat your clients will speak volumes about your business and significantly impact your reputation in the long run, so make sure you always go the extra mile to keep your clients happy to return to your salon for your services. Customer experience in the beauty industry can make or break long-term client relationships, so investing in customer satisfaction is beneficial to both parties.


Whether you just got the idea of opening a hair salon or you have been actively participating in the beauty industry for years, starting a new business can be just as challenging as it is in other fields. If you want to run a hair salon, make sure you are ready for all potential setbacks on your way to success by following the best practices for opening a salon.

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