Google Pixelbook i7

It is a high-performance Chromebook with a built-in Google assistant. It is the first laptop till now by Google which has a Google assistant key on the keyboard. Users need to say “OK Google” to start the assistant. It is always ready to help the user with his requirements. The gadget is equipped with a 7th generation Intel core i7 processor and a Ram of 16 GB with a storage capacity of 512 GB. It is the latest way to experience the Chrome OS in a sleek, comparatively influential, and strapping laptop.

The Pixelbook is a great work machine for people who are completely dependent on Google’s apps. Like most of the other modern Chrome books, this also has the right to use the Google Play store. This means that it allows users to download and use a wide range of play store apps. You can consider it just like an Android phone or tablet. 

The most beneficial feature of the laptop is its long-lasting battery and a user can use it for 10 hours. It starts up in less than 10 seconds and stays fast throughout the day without showing any signs of slowing down. In addition, it is fast charging and gets charged by 100% in just an hour approximately. Let us look at the modern specifications of the Google Pixelbook i7 processor:

Processor core

Intel Dual Core i7-7Y75

Operating System

Google Chrome

Brand and Generation

Intel 7th generation 


1.3 GHz and boost up to 3.6 GHz




16 GB with 1 slot and 2400 MHz speed

GPU Graphics

Intel HD 615

State hard drive size

512 Giga Bytes

Pixel book weight

1.11 kg



Touchpad and Keyboard

Backlit with the edge-to-edge trackpad

Camera and speakers 

Working camera with dual speakers

Display and size

0.44 inches in height, 8.69 inches in width and 12.3 inches in standing screen display size. It has a 360-degree touch screen


2400 x 1600 pixels with no anti-glare screen


Wi-Fi connectivity with integrated graphic card interface


10 hours battery backup with USB-C 45W Adaptor

Material used

Aluminium body with corning gorilla glass

Technical details of the Google Pixelbook i7!!

Intel core i7 processor Google pixelbook is becoming the heart of gadget lovers. Its sleek design and moving feature are breathtaking. Along with this, it is showing fantastic technical aspects that will never let you down while working on the laptop. 

  • i7 Google pixelbook will adapt to your technical world with a 4-in-1 design

This is one of the fascinating features of the laptop it can adjust to your world of interest and can become whatever you want to with it. It will become a tablet, tent, or laptop for different modes of entertainment. 

  • It is built to enhance your working performance

Google pixelbook i7 is to assist you with faster browsing, entertainment, multitasking and many more. This is why it has 16 GB RAM and an internal storage capacity of 512 Giga bytes.

  • First time built-in Google Assistant 

It is the first laptop in the world of technology that has an inbuilt Google assistant that will quickly get the answers and get the other things done. Moreover, it can help you to manage your daily schedules and many more. You will be having three ways to access the Google Assistant on your laptop that is just talk, type or make a circle with your pixelbook pen. 

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After pressing the Google assistant button a window pops up on the bottom left corner of the screen. Then you can type your search topic or subject of help. Google Assistant can analyze your screen immediately and launches user admired search results. It works the same as your android phone does. 

  • Equipped with a pixel pen to help users

This is a great technical feature of the Pixel book in that it comes with a smart and responsive pen. It feels natural like a normal pen and writing on the screen seems to be as simple as writing on paper with a usual pen. Virtually there is no lag while writing, no tilt-support and pressure. You can make use of this pen for asking for any help from Google Assistant and for many other purposes. 

It is just like a stylus that works with the Google assistant feature. It is almost similar to the design of the Microsoft Surface Pen and the Apple pencil. It doesn’t need charging, pairing or connecting with Bluetooth and works easily with the Pixelbook. Its battery life last approx one year.

  • It has 10ms of latency and angular awareness of 60 degrees
  • 2,000+ levels of pressure compassion and AAAA battery supported

Similar to the Pixelbook’s keyboard, the Pixel pen has its own Google assistant button. It works when you press it once to highlight the screen. Its image search function is quick and supportive and sometimes incompatible with the device. It is greatly useful to search for one word or a particular term. All in all, this stylus is perfect for screen navigation, drawing and taking screenshots. 

  • Great gadget for online as well as offline use

It is really helpful for a user when Google drive backs up your recent Google documents, slides and sheets automatically so you can make use of them offline as well. Furthermore, with 512 GB hard drive capacity you can store your favorite movies, music and many more on your tablet. 

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Thus, with all the above superb features this Google Pixelbool i7 is built to outshine all other chrome books. Moreover, it will never stutter and will also give more flexibility with having an inbuilt Google assistant. Due to its sleek and convertible design, this Google Pixelbook is at the top of all other Chrome books both in terms of performance and design as well. 

User’s review about Google Pixelbook i7!!

Although it is a wonderful i7 processor and a 2-in-one gadget yet when used by experts they give some positive and some negative reassess for the laptop.

Positive reviews include:

  • Remarkable specs of the gadget permit the user to work at a fast pace and with approachable performance. 
  • Capable of full offline abilities with suitable android apps.
  • Extremely well-built and dedicated Google Assistant button that is much useful for users.
  • Great and stunning display as well as designing of the hardware
  • Excellent battery life of about 10 hours working
  • Beautiful, lightweight and thin in design
  • Ample storage capacity to store movies, games and other stuff
  • Its glass trackpad is quick to respond and tremendously great to use, you can also make use of the Pixel pen of the book.

A few negative reviews about Pixelbook contain:

  • The sound quality of the book is not so appropriate, hence the audio performance is of poor quality
  • It has only 2 USB-C ports, so users cannot connect to many external devices
  • The price of the gadget is a little high for normal users
  • For using the touch screen and pixel pen android apps need updating
  • It is lacking the biometric login that the users were expecting to have
  • The keyboard on the Pixelbook is 0.8mm which is although lower than usual. 
  • The user needs somewhat greater force to press keyboard keys. 

Performance of the Intel process of Google Pixelbook i7!!

When it comes to the performance of this Google chrome book then its Intel dual-core processor surpasses the other chrome books. Its processor permits the chrome operating system to run smoother than ever, without the worry of an open number of tabs in the book. Moreover, the pixel book also proffers you a superb and big display. Its display screen has a 3:2 aspect ratio with 12.3 Inches liquid crystal display screen with 235 PPI and 2400 x 1600 pixel resolution. Though it is not enough, to be more beneficial users will get more vertical space to work and to surf the internet in the pixel book with more vivid colors. It shows greater RGB than the Flip C302 Asus chrome book. The device is also matched up with 421 nits of brightness and broad angles for a large view. Google pixelbook i7 outshines both high-quality chrome books the Samsung Pro and the Asus Flip C302 in terms of its excellence in put on view. 

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On the other hand, the Google Pixelbook lacks behind HP X2 chrome book and Samsung pro when we consider the battery life. With a survival of approx 10 hours of video streaming, it allocates for longer robustness and allows the user to get through a whole day’s work with no difficulty. Along with this, a pixel pen is provided to the user which is a walcolm pen and allows the user to draft and take notes with simplicity. However, this pixel pen needs some greater force than Apple’s pen. Still, this pen permits you to take benefit of the inbuilt Google assistant button that is present on the keyboard of the pixelbook i7. 

With a dedicated key on the keyboard, the Google Assistant allows more flexibility for the user to use the laptop. If we talk about its chrome operating system has software that has android supportive apps. The Google pixelbook i7 can make most of the power it comes with. You can work online seamlessly and need not worry about any interruption or slow down.

On the other hand, the pixel book doesn’t support a great quality sound system with low volume and clarity as well. The reality is that the drills are not present in the Google pixelbook, which prevents the sound from being as great as should be. Finally, the consideration of a webcam comes to mind which is a 720p, 0.9mp shooter. It is also not that great with granular pictures and not with many blur photos as well. 

Design and Appearance of the Pixelbook i7!!

The beautiful Google Pixelbook i7 is made up of sturdy aluminium and comes with a pretty sleek design appearance. Its weight is under 2.5 pounds and is under 10mm thick, which makes the pixel book one of the most compact lightweight laptops out in the gadget market. Furthermore, for great comfort, it has silicon pads that also allow a solid grip to clutch when it is in use. Its pixel pen is also included in the stunning appearance but the limit is that it does not have any specific space to keep the light pen. Thus, the chances of losing the pen are high and it is also difficult to keep track of it. 

Is it worth purchasing the Google pixelbook i7?

Its appearance, power capacity, touch screen, flexibility, keyboard and long battery life makes it a good choice for use by everyone. It is offering you a great power amount, convertible and aesthetic design. You can work easily without stuttering on both tablet and laptop versions of the Pixelbook. However, it is not fine for playing back videos and browsing the internet. If you want your laptop for gaming and heavy photo editing then it has some lacks and you have to choose another option. 

If you are using a computer for browsing activities then the Google Pixelbook is a great notebook for work. You can also take it authentic for personal use like watching movies and drawing. While the Google play store is growing continually, the support for the apps on diverse devices with big screens is still missing.


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