good streaming service to replace cable TV

Are you thinking of replacing the cable TV as well? No need to worry, we have you covered. Understandably, many people are switching to streaming services and for the very obvious reasons perhaps. Therefore people are now always on the lookout for alternatives to cable TV. With streaming services on the boom, we see internet service providers upping their game as well, as they both go hand in hand. The service providers have made the experiences smoother for the customers. For instance, a CenturyLink user has the leverage to contact CenturyLink customer service number to inquire about their connections and much more.

So, we can understand that you are thinking that what is a good streaming service to replace cable TV as cutting the cord comes with some setback on the content at times. However, we will only get into the best ones that you can get for yourself so that the cord-cutting can remain easy for you.

1. Sling TV

  • Offers Different Packages
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Accessible on several devices

You have cut the cord and need something super similar as a replacement? Sling TV is for you. It can be the best replacement you can ask for. From the kids’ programs to news channels to the sports content, it has something for everyone. By offering two packages, Sling Orange and Sling Blue, the streaming platform caters to both; the basic needs and the premium content respectively. 

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By upgrading the interface, it has become much more interesting to use. Along with the cloud DVR and premium channel lineup, it is a very good option for you to go for without getting your pocket ripped.

2. Hulu and Live TV

  • Cloud DVR Features
  • Inclusive Channel Offering
  • User-friendly Interface

Hulu, which started as an on-demand service has now expanded to live TV services as well and has been competing well and been rising to the top. It gives access to more than 60 channels that include TNT, ESPN, etc. Hulu Live TV also recommends new content and has the most navigable and attractive interface that stands out from other several streaming services. 

Hulu also has an extensive library of on-demand and original content. It offers the DVR feature as well and if you need more storage space and multiple streams then you will have to pay more. 

3. Fubo TV

  • Extensive Channel Library
  • 4K Streaming Content
  • Sports Networks

FuboTV stands out from its competitors for having the most sports channels available on any streaming platform. You can find all the ESPN channels, the NFL Network, and the NFL fans who have cut their cord do not have to worry about missing their NFL game while having a subscription to FuboTV. 

Nevertheless, it does get more expensive when compared with the competitors. But the sports fan would not want to miss out on this. 

4. YouTube TV

  • User-Friendly
  • Local Channel Lineups
  • Unlimited DVR Feature

YouTube TV is one of the best replacements for cable TV. It is most certainly easy to use and simple with an extensive range of channels for the viewers. The most notable features include the unlimited DVR. If compared with the competitors, there is a limit to the hours of DVR recordings, whereas YouTube TV sets you free of this bar. 

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It also included all the very main broadcast networks, allowing you to watch sports, comedy shows, dramas, and local news. 

You can also get several premium channels as the add-ons such as HBO. 


The aforementioned are the best streaming services that you can opt for while replacing cable TV. Before deciding you must make sure that you have the best internet service provider connected to your location as well so that you don’t have to unnecessarily face the buffering issues.

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