Five ways Lease accounting software helps speed up applications

To guarantee that firms can disclose and uphold an adequate degree of openness and trust, lease accounting rules are evolving. Private companies must transition from the standards they used in the past and fully accommodate the revised IFRS and FASB standards.

Companies should be aware of the benefits they might gain in compliance with government standards, even though this change may cause doubts and worries.

In today’s incredibly fast-paced world, it is understandable that delays frustrate everyone, particularly in financial matters like leasing. 

The lease process itself is complicated and time-consuming. This often puts banking personnel in a pickle and a client who wants to lease. So to reduce application processing time and remove unwanted delays, banks and leasing agencies can use lease accounting software to expedite the application process. 

  1. Efficient Audits

Streamlining and improving the audit process will make your life easier. It is challenging to satisfy your auditors’ requirements for paperwork and other reports. The process can be time-consuming and frustrating, so any changes that simplify the audit process are exactly what the accounting department wants to hear about

Work is less stressful when auditors have access to required data. With lease accounting software, auditors can remotely log in, pull reports, and access data without bothering or visiting an entire department or agency. 

  1. Improved Data Management

Lease Accelerator is the best lease management platform as it integrates centralizing agreements and related documents in one software system, making accounting much easier and simpler. 

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Additionally, manual data entry of critical lease and contract information such as renewal dates, payment dates, and much more can introduce many errors. These errors are unintentional, but late payments and fees can be costly. 

With lease accounting software, the process is simpler, quicker, and more efficient. Moreover, this software can track critical data related to each lease by implementing different compliance requirements. 

A software solution will automatically send status change notifications for critical data items, including updates and reminders sent directly to the accounting departments before the deadlines. This can help in saving time, effort, and money.

  1. Better Vendor Management

Vendor management is the term used to describe the process an organization uses to manage its suppliers. It includes supplier selection, contract negotiation, and cost control. Good vendor management software helps accountants track supplier performance, manage contracts, purchase orders, and streamline communications. 

A holistic view of all leases in the repository can reveal economies of scale and greater leverage opportunities with specific vendors. It also helps automate repetitive tasks such as onboarding a new vendor or requesting a price quote. 

Vendor management is a critical component of any company’s procurement and supply chain management strategy; therefore, it is essential for its overall production efficiency.

  1. Never miss a critical deadline

This blog discussed the cost of missing critical data for lease accounting. Failure to provide lease extensions, renewals, and other critical data accounting notices can result in overpayments, defaults, and late fees. And it’s frustrating. 

In most cases, the person managing the lease or contract relies on an internal process to notify them of upcoming critical dates. Therefore, any faults in the internal process can delay the notification, which can cause many more problems. 

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Lease Accelerator (accounting software) allows you to enter all the critical data related to your lease. The system can send you automatic alerts to keep you informed before critical dates are approaching. 

Furthermore, anyone using Lease Accelerator’s software is also assigned a Customer Success Manager to gain feedback as software users. Additionally, the technology can also assist you in identifying the contracts in your holdings that shouldn’t be extended. 

This could be a device that is no longer in use or a leasing agreement where the contract no longer makes economic sense. You can save money and take advantage of better bargaining opportunities by setting important alerts on these renewal dates, which will keep you up to date.

  1. Better Budgets

To comply with the new standards, companies need to obtain a large amount of data on their leasing. It is cumbersome at first, but in the end, you will have richer, more intuitive insights into leasing. Implementing lease accounting software with custom reporting capabilities can provide executives with specific advice to consider when signing and renewing leases. 

This will speed up your application processes and allow you to manage your time more efficiently.

Furthermore, implementing lease accounting software can help solve many challenges your colleagues in other departments might face. For example, the legal department can easily retrieve contracts using the new leasing methods’ search function. Also, facility teams can utilize the system by staying updated with upcoming events. 

In addition, budgeting also gives a good account of organizational activities. Budgeting as an activity enhances interaction with staff members and provides them with a proper structure.

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 Moreover, they aid in better resource allocation since all demands are explained and supported. Lastly, precise budgeting also allows you to reallocate resources to take remedial action.


All in all, lease accounting software will speed up the entire process of leasing and accounting. With the help of software backed by multiple accounting professionals with decades of experience in the field, accounting is now easier than ever. 

You can also start learning from their leasing program and efficiently manage a complex leasing program. 

Furthermore, several other firms can handle your leases if you want, making the process much easier and hassle-free. 

An excellent example is Lease Accelerator; as mentioned above, they have already managed up to 800,000 leases with over three thousand users worldwide – convincing numbers if you, too, want to expedite leasing processes and retain clients for future prospects. 


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