Wooden Stairs

Beyond their functionality, the stairs are essential to define the home’s design. Choosing the most suitable for your home is not always so simple, considering that there are different types and that often specific housing needs must be respected: from the space available to building regulations.

When you think about how to modernize your home, stairs and stair steps are one of the details that you will have to dwell on longer and with more attention. Replacing the steps of the internal stairs of your home is a quick and easy way to add character and beauty to the house and give that touch of novelty that never hurts.

When you decide to change the steps for stairs, the solutions you face are many and different. Still, wood is a classic product that never goes out of fashion and that, thanks to its versatility, manages to satisfy everyone. The selection criteria depend on a series of fundamental technical considerations:

  • The bulk of the staircase
  • The weight of the ladder and what it will be subjected to
  • The location concerning the openings (doors and windows)
  • The position in the room, variable between centre room, wall or corner
  • The difference in height to overcome and the number of floors
  • The style of the house

The models of wooden stairs for interiors

During or after the construction phase, they will be stairs integrated with the house’s structure and, in the second case, self-supporting stairs concerning the building.

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Among the different models available, the most used are:

  • Spiral staircases: developed around a central pole significantly reduce the overall space.
  • Ramp stairs, also called open stairs, are standard solutions focused on safety and functionality.
  • Stairs with retractable structure: they were created to meet the need for a more streamlined supporting design.
  • Tailor-made stairs are in demand because they allow you to combine personal taste with domestic needs.

Advantages of a wooden staircase structure

The wooden frame will become a decoration of the house. In addition, a large number of advantages of such stairs make them a priority and in demand for installations in multi-storey structures:

  • environmental safety of the material, hypoallergenic of the product, does not contain dyes or toxic additives;
  • The choice and purchase of  are also available online. It is possible to make a structure from different types of wood, which significantly affects the price and creates a choice possible;
  • A wooden structure made of good wood species allows you to use the ladder for more than one generation. It will be distinguished by reliability and durability;
  • The internal object does not need special care. For minor repairs, you can use putty, paint or putty;
  • Wood is a special material that can be given to any shape and format and made to suit any home style.

These characteristics become fundamental when you decide to build stairs in the woods.

Features of choosing a wooden staircase

When choosing a stairs case in the woods, you need to be guided by many factors. It is important to consider for what purposes this structure is necessary, what additional functions will be assigned to it, who will circulate through it and how often. 

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Moments such as comfort, aesthetics, wood species, safety when traveling, and the need for additional loads. The choice of construction material is very important. After all, the quality of the product, durability, external attractiveness, and even care options will depend on the type of wood.

Different types of wood in wooden structures give the products other characteristics. When choosing conifers, in the end, a relatively inexpensive product is obtained but not so durable and requires additional care and processing since the resin will be systematically released.

If you want to use oak to construct the structure, you will have to purchase additional tools, as the tree is very hard. But in the end, you get a solid, very strong, and wear-resistant ladder, not prone to degradation. Larch has the same characteristics as oak, but the material of these types of wood is much cheaper.

Types of stairs case in the woods

Stair steps in oak wood. Oak is a very common wood for making stairs case in the woods. Oak blends into virtually any home style and is one of the strongest wood qualities. Both red oak stairs treads and white oak treads can give your home a cheery and cheeky look.

  • Stair steps in maple

The light brown and white shades of maple make this wood quality an increasingly popular choice for creating beautiful indoor stair steps. Maple matches any style from modern to rustic while adding texture and character.

  • Poplar stair steps

Poplar wood steps are one of the less expensive options, so their duration can never be compared to the other products they have presented to you. Nevertheless, it can represent a good compromise to renovate your home with a darker shade.

  • Walnut steps.
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Walnut steps are among the most expensive solutions. A walnut wood staircase will never fail to amaze and give your guests that particular wow effect that will make everyone fall in love with your home.


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