Know How To Extend Your Stay/Visa In Australia During COVID-19

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, many overseas residents of Australia have faced a lot of problems, especially those whose student, work, or tourist visas are on the brink of expiring. And, if you are also one of them, then, given below is a comprehensive guide which will be quite helpful for you. After reading the following write-up, you will also be able to extend your visa, thereby, your stay in Australia, especially during this plight of Covid-19.

a). If you are holding a Working Holiday Visa

Applicants, who are holding either the visa subclass 417 or 462 and staying in Australia, can now apply for an alternative tourist visa for Australia to continue their stay in the nation in a hassle-free manner. As applicants are denied to leave Australia due to the travel restrictions imposed by its immigration department due to the occurrence of Coronavirus, they will now be given the liberty to apply for the said tourist visa by staying in the country itself. However, they won’t be permitted to work with this visa.

b). Visitor and Tourist Visa holders must apply for a new visa

As the travel restrictions are hindering tens and thousands of Australian visa holders to leave the country, the various visitor and tourist visa holders haven’t remained an exception either. Hence, the Department of Home Affairs has also allowed them to apply for a new visitor or tourist visa to resume staying in Australia furthermore. But, they should apply for their visa on time before their current visa expires. Also, you should comply with the various rules and regulations of your visa in the proper and expected way, and, should not continue living in Australia even after your visa has expired.

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c). Applicants holding the visa subclass 485

If you are staying in Australia with the visa subclass 485, and, if you have already finished your studies, then, you will be allowed to apply for a new visa till the month of September of 2020. However, you can do this only if you have completed your academic program at the end of 2019. Apart from this, all the other holders of the visa subclass 485 won’t get permission to extend or increase their stay in Australia, even during the Covid-19 crunch. Additionally, you also cannot stay for a longer period in Australia, if you are staying in the country on the 485 visas.

d). Updates for holders of student visa subclass 500

If you are holding the Student Visa 500 to study and stay in Australia, then, the Department of Home Affairs is definitely going to allow you to apply for its extension. So, if you are also one of the holders of the student visa subclass 500, and, if it is almost going to expire, particularly during this crucial phase of Coronavirus, then, do apply for an extension, provided if you are having to face the following situations.

1. If you haven’t completed your course of study yet whilst staying in Australia on the visa subclass 500, or

2. If your student visa is expiring, and, you are being unable to return to your home country.

Besides, if you feel that you are just about to complete your course of study, then, you can also apply for a visitor visa, which is the visa subclass 600, to continue staying in Australia lawfully. However, you should apply for the visitor visa 600 just before the expiration of your student visa. Conversely, if you feel that, you still have some time left to complete your course of study, then, apply for a new student visa without a failure. And, the good part is, the Department of Home Affairs won’t require any substantial evidence from you regarding the repercussion of Covid-19. Hence, you will be able to submit the application of your new student visa to the Australian immigration department in a stress-free manner.

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A look at the ‘No Further Stay Condition

Conditions 8535, 8534, and 8503 are the different ‘no further stay’ conditions, formulated by the Department of Home Affairs. Each of these conditions impedes the holders of several types of permanent and temporary Australian visas, despite the emergence of a killer virus-like Covid-19. A brief introduction to all these ‘no further stay’ conditions of Australia can be considered below.

a). Condition 8535:

Applicants, who are staying in Australia on the student visa subclass 500, must take a look at the ‘no further stay’ condition 8535. If your student visa applies to this condition, then, you won’t be able to apply for a new student visa even after the expiration of your existing visa. However, this particular condition allows you to apply either for a student visa which comprises the sponsoring government agency or a protection visa.

b). Condition 8534:

If your visa is included in the ‘no further stay’ condition 8534, then, you can apply for any of the subsequent visas including the graduate visa subclass 485, a protection visa, or that of the guardian visa subclass 590. Besides, this condition doesn’t allow you to apply for another visa which is the same as the visa you are holding right now.

c). Condition 8503:

The ‘no further stay’ condition 8503 has been designed particularly for applicants, who are holding visa subclass 462, 402, or visitor visa subclass 600. In case, you are required to apply for a protection visa subclass 866, this particular ‘no further stay’ condition allows you to do that quite effortlessly. But, you cannot apply for a new visa, if your current visa is applicable to condition 8503.

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Aside from this, it’s worth noting point that, even if you are having to apply for a different visa to stay in Australia lawfully until the eradication of Covid-19, you can still enjoy all the rights and privileges, just the way you would do before.

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Hopefully, you too can stay in Australia furthermore with the guidance of the aforesaid write-up. Despite this, you should seek the professional assistance of a highly skilled Migration Agent Adelaide, and, he or she will guide you with the entire application procedure of your new visa so that you can continue your stay in Australia as long as the travel restrictions of Covid-19 stay in effect.



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