Essential factors that determine the price of the essay

Write my essay for me cheap‘ is a common request made by numerous students overwhelmed by the burden of essay assignments. It is difficult for college students to overcome the notion that they are not organized or responsible enough to write their own essays, which is completely unfair. 

College courses are currently highly fast-paced. When students have a job and many other responsibilities, expecting them to meet their academic deadlines and get good grades is unrealistic. 

Thus, if you decided to look for an online essay writing service to help you with your college work, you would’ve by now discovered many services appear unreliable. Moreover, the more you learn about the various essay services, qualified writers, affordable prices, deadlines, and paper types, the more perplexed you will become. 

However, let us assure you that you need not be overwhelmed by all these anymore. We have created the following guide to help you understand how essay service pricing works. You will not only know exactly how much you will pay, but you will also understand all of the factors considered for a legitimate and honest essay writing service experience. 

Factors influencing the price of the essay

Cheap essays can sometimes cost you a bad grade, which is worse than paying a few extra dollars. As college essays are unique, they cannot be generalized or automated. Therefore, depending on the topic, type of assignment, or academic career, each has its own set of requirements and instructions.

As a result, having an automated standard price is not the best thing. There are a number of factors that determine the price of your essay and paper. Some of the critical factors on which the price depends include:

  • The essay deadline 
  • The academic level (Undergraduate, Graduate, or other)
  • The essay length (number of words/pages)
  • The technicality of the essay
  • Writing or editing
  • Spacing Format (Single or Double Spaced)

Essay deadline: There is always the possibility that you will require a last-minute essay. Maybe you forgot or thought you could fit it in, but life got in the way of the deadline.

In these cases, you can always submit a request for a quick delivery/fast delivery service that may range from a hours to days. These kinds of services usually cost more than normal prices.

For example, suppose you place an essay request without fast delivery (under normal circumstances). The essay cost in such circumstances will be $150 (example price). However, if you need an essay within 24 hours or less, the cost will be $170. This is due to the point that the writers will have to deliver at a quicker pace. 

The academic level: The starting price for an essay again depends on the academic level. This is critical because the topics and level of research for an undergraduate level are not as demanding as they are for a graduate-level; this is the primary reason for the price difference.

Assume you require an essay on the digestive system for a first-year undergraduate biology class. The topic complexity will be lower in this case than in a graduate class. What if you’re assigned the same topic for a master’s class? Obviously, the topic complexity and amount of research for sources required for your essay will be greater.

As a result, the final cost of an essay will vary depending on the degree level you are pursuing.

The essay length: This is a specific factor as more number of words/pages means more research and indirectly means more cost. However, some sites provide discounts as the number of pages increases beyond a certain limit.

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The technicality of the essay: Some essays are simple to write and do not require much effort from the researcher. As a result, the student expects the writer to charge less because they will not have to scratch their heads looking for additional materials to make them appear more complicated.

Furthermore, some of the topics you may be researching are readily available on various platforms. Some essays are surprisingly challenging to develop and construct into valuable and meaningful forms. 

You must conduct extensive and complex research in order to reach an accurate and error-free conclusion. Some may contain performing some mathematical calculations and developing complex formulae before arriving at a conclusion.

Thus sites usually charge less for a task that is not too technical. However, they’ll charge more if you are dealing with a technical paper because it will need more effort to make it satisfactory in the end.

Writing or editing: Some student assignments may come in two formats. To begin, it may simply be necessary to edit existing work and make meaningful changes to make it acceptable.

Editing requires less research because the writer may be removing grammatical, spelling, and other errors.

Furthermore, editing may involve changing facts and tailoring them to meet the demands of the topic at hand. Overall, you will charge less for editing because it requires little effort to complete the task.

Writing from scratch, on the contrary, can be time-consuming. Before you can align those facts into a usable form, you must conduct extensive research.

Writing, as opposed to editing, will take more time because you must write each and every part of the context. In fact, you should charge more because it is time-consuming and involved.

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Spacing Format: Another aspect that should never be overlooked when dealing with essay writing tasks is spacing.

Each client may provide different spacing instructions. It would be better if you determined whether the customer prefers single or double spacing.

If you are using single-spacing, you should charge the essay twice. The primary justification for such a rule is that a single-spaced page is equivalent to two double-spaced pages. Make sure you follow this rule and get a kill.

Do custom essay writing services actually work?

Yes, essay writing is common for college students to get help with their assignments through outsourced services.

The writer must have extensive knowledge in the field and produce high-quality work that challenges the supervisor. You can read about how essay writing services work if they are run professionally and provide high-quality work in a related discussion.

Essay writing is a thriving industry all over the world. Some people choose it because they are preoccupied with other matters such as family and work. To avoid shoddy work, you must seek the services of a reputable organization or individual. Check out our blog on why choose a professional writing service?


Are you still unsure how much you should charge or pay an essay writer? The cool thing is that this piece has given you a hint of the facts you should focus on to determine pricing.

This brief article is for you if you want to stay up to date on the key factors that influence how much an essay writer should charge a student. Overall, the information presented above is essential for understanding how organizations price coursework.


Though using such services is not illegal in many institutions, make sure you hire a good writer with extensive experience in this field.