Microsoft Word is an efficient tool for creating documents or word processing. Since its beginnings, it remains to be among the most helpful programs in the Microsoft Office Suite. Its popularity is understandable, for it eliminates the tedious task of writing everything manually. It became widely -used for it offers a significant amount of convenience at the workplace, at school, and in many other places.


However, Word has its disadvantages. This article will point out these downsides. It will help you convert Word to PDF to remove such weaknesses of Word format. Here are some things that you should know.

The Disadvantages of Word File

1.    The Large File Size

Microsoft Word files are larger than text files. Sending a Word file takes a longer time than sending a PDF document. Moreover, it occupies more space on your hard drives and even on your online storage. For these reasons, a lot of users convert Word to PDF.

2.    Formatting Differences Between Versions

Users experience compatibility and exporting problems with Word documents. The latest versions of Word are not always compatible with older versions. Thus, formatting differences are a common issue. Other word-processing programs do not also work well with Word and results in the same problem. While exporting a Word document is also quite a challenge.

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3.    Prone to Unauthorized Alterations

With its copy and paste and easily editable features, you can quickly alter a Word document. Anyone can download a file and enable the editing feature. In no time, the person with the file can easily make changes within the document. In contrast, editing in a PDF requires a unique tool and internet connection.

Transform Word to PDF With PDFBear

Avoid those disadvantages towards your file by converting it to PDF. PDFBear has the right tool for your conversion needs. Convert Word to PDF format online. Follow these simple steps and convert Word to PDF instantly.


1.Upload the Word file you need to convert. The PDF converter will scan your file automatically.

2.Wait until the conversion finishes. The new file will be ready for download in a few minutes.

3.You can download the file directly to your device. At the same time, you may send the link via email with your personalized message. Lastly, if you like, you can post it on your social media account.

4.After one hour, PDFBear will remove your file from its system.

Why is PDFBear Chosen by Many?

1.    Fast Conversion Process

This file converter provides you with simple and easy-to-follow steps. In 2 minutes, you’ll have your converted documents. You can also transform the DOCX file to PDF. This tool offers you the best possible settings for any conversion needs. Transform your files with just a few clicks.

2.    PDFBear Transforms Word Files Using Cloud

All the processes are done online within the cloud. When users upload a DOC or DOCx to the cloud, the tool will work on it, and rest assured that your device memory or CPU is being utilized during the conversion.

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3.    An Online Tool That Works on All Systems.

With PDFBear, compatibility is not a problem. You can convert Word to PDF on any platform. Moreover, this tool is helpful when you transform a DOC or DOCX file on another operating system that does not support Microsoft Word.

4.    Privacy Matters

PDFBear values your privacy. After an hour the server will delete your uploaded document permanently. You can view its Privacy Policy to learn more information on how PDF secures your data.


PDFBear protects each transfer with a 256-BIT SSL link when it comes to transferring files across the website. This protection is a data and file encryption technique for your security.

5.    Consistently Provides Accuracy

Its advanced technology enables it to convert files while retaining its original quality. The converter provides users with the same and untouched content as the original file.

Another Method to Convert Word to PDF

Use Adobe Acrobat to change your file format.

  • Access your file using Microsoft Word.
  • On Windows, select the Acrobat Tab, then hit “Create PDF.”
  • If you want to protect your newly converted file from being changed without your permission, select “Restricting Editing” in the dialog box.
  • Save your file. Choose a folder for the exported file or hit “Choose a Different Folder” and navigate the folder. Rename your file and click “Save.”

In A Nutshell

Indeed, a Word document is a permanent tool for file creation and management. Everyone uses it; at home, for school, and at work. But there are certain downsides to this file format. Converting it to PDF is the best solution to avoid problems with formatting, easy editing for alterations, and a relatively large file size.



PDFBear is the best tool that answers your conversion needs. It is the easiest way to convert Word to PDF. It’s free and provides a high level of security in terms of file sharing and conversion.





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