Enjoy Censorship Free Internet With VPN Bitcoin Payments

Believe it or not, there actually is huge censorship around the web. It may happen for various reasons from copyright issues to politics. You’ve probably heard about censorship on social media. If the platform doesn’t like what you express, despite your rights to do so, that platform can take down your post. Also, it may block you for a certain time or for good. At the same time, certain platforms can block links to certain pages. But that’s nowhere near the end of censorship on the internet. Depending on where you are in the world, you probably have at least a geo-restriction directly affecting your IP. With a reliable VPN service providing VPN bitcoin payments, you can finally enjoy completely censorship-free internet – as it was intended.

What Are Geo-Restrictions?

Those are restrictions that limit access to web pages or to certain contents, we’re going to focus on geo-restrictions by platforms here. Geo-restrictions operate on platforms such as Netflix. For example, it restricts you from viewing their library in another country. There isn’t any political influence in this matter, it’s simply something Netflix put into place for content control. They take into consideration each country, and how each should have its own library. However, with a VPN bitcoin payment service, the doors to the world are wide open to you.

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What Are Geo-Restrictions

The IP Censorship

Blocking your IP from viewing content from another web page is a famous method of internet limitation. Every computer or mobile device that you can browse the internet with has its own IP address. IP addresses are unique and distributed according to the country you live in. A platform or web page can block certain IP addresses so you can’t view their content. Companies may put IP restrictions in place to keep you from abusing the system. That’d mean no freebie streaming services. Since a VPN service provides you with a different IP you can easily bypass IP censorship.

The IP Censorship

Government Censorship

Internet censorship by the government is not unusual. For example, people in North Korea have their own version of the internet that’s completely controlled by their government. They’re not able to visit web pages from another country. North Korea is by far not alone, China likes to do the same with their citizens and restricts them from gathering information outside of their country. If you were visiting China and had no VPN service on your mobile, you couldn’t access Facebook or Google.

Political Motivations And Censorships

Governments usually censor the internet for national security reasons. Citizens wouldn’t get to know what other countries have to say. It’s a shame that the government practices such things. You’re automatically wondering what they don’t want you to know. However, when using a VPN service with bitcoin, you can dive right into the treasure trove of worldwide information. After all, the internet was made to be the modern version of the library of Alexandria.

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What Is a VPN Bitcoin Correlation?

First of all, there’s a VPN service that you can buy using bitcoins. It allows you to log in via their servers to obtain a different IP. You basically borrow a different IP for the time you’re online, which allows you to circumvent geographical censorship. You can swiftly walk around the invisible borders on the internet and no longer be restricted. With a different IP, you can also access web content with IP censorship, obviously. You could sit in a cafe in Paris and your IP could be from New York. You’re virtually moving yourself to another country.

Always Ensure Your Security

Always Ensure Your Security

Additionally, a VPN bitcoin service makes your internet connection more secure. No matter what you do online, as soon you engage with content, you send and receive data. That data is the apple of the eye of hackers as well as governments. You can’t imagine how valuable any data is to them, you would be surprised at how creative they can be. No one needs to know what you talked about with your mother, right? It’s personal. Imagine everyone around you would. Hence, a VPN Bitcoin package exists to ensure your privacy.

Why Bitcoin?

If you were paying for a reliable VPN service, your credit card or Paypal payment can easily leave your information vulnerable. Even though we don’t live in Iran or North Korea, you’d immediately get a red flag for stepping out of boundaries. As soon as they get your information from an insecure internet connection they can do as they please with it. With bitcoin, as well as with other cryptocurrencies, your payments are completely safe. They are anonymous and no transaction could ever be traced back to you. Moreover, cryptocurrencies have a difficult algorithm to crack, that they’re pretty much impossible to hack.

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Systematic Security

If one hacker was successful at hacking a part of the blockchain, it will be immediately noticeable. A block is put into place and that part of the blockchain cannot be used again. Then there’s the problem with certain payment methods. PayPal has blocked certain VPNs for partnerships.

Parting Words On VPN Bitcoin Services

If one platform starts banning payments to VPN service, then others will surely follow. However, if you want to stay private on the internet, bitcoin is a secured payment alternative to provide you with a censorship-free Internet.


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