Camel Milk - Best Natural Remedy For Autism

Get ready for a natural cure for autism!

Camel milk effectively improves autistic behaviour in people with an autism spectrum disorder. Packed with nutrients and safe for individuals who are lactose intolerant, camel milk for autism is a proven cure backed by several scientific studies. This is why it’s considered one of the best natural remedies for autism. 

Natural Cure of Autism – Camel Milk

  • Camel milk had been consumed since the animal’s domestication millennia ago. Several cultures, such as pastoral and nomad, survived solely on the beverage during their long voyages in the desert. In addition to consuming raw milk, nomad tribes also used the beverage to make yogurt. This is why camel milk in curing autism is made popular.
  • Over time, many other cultures made camel milk a part of their daily diet. Rich in nutrients, camel milk improves overall health and helps in various ailments. Today, it is commercially produced in many countries and is available in various forms, other than milk, like powdered and frozen products. In 2017, the world had 2.85 million tonnes of camel milk. 
  • Many people, whose children have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), choose alternative treatments for potential behavioural problems. Although all complementary and alternative medicine treatments are not backed by science, some are well-researched and found to be effective.  One of them is camel milk. 
  • A serving of 120ml can offer at least 16% calcium of the daily value and 50 calories. It also makes a safe alternative for people with milk allergies. Several diabetic people use it to improve their insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar. 
  • Usually, people with autism have food intolerances. When someone develops an allergy to food, their immune system gets affected. After that, it leads to conditions like inflammation, rashes, eczema, headache, and more.
  • Camel milk lacks beta-casein and contains immunoglobulins, which boost the immune function. The beverage’s properties target bacteria that cause inflammation and pose damage to the immune system. 
  • In the recent past, camel milk has been studied for the treatment of behavioral conditions in children. One study, which examined the role of camel milk as an antioxidant, reported that the beverage is effective for autistic behavior in children.  
  • In another study, which included 65 kids (aged 2–12 years) with autism, researchers gave camel milk to participants for two weeks. They noted that the beverage effectively treated autistic behavioral symptoms. 
  • In addition to camel milk for autism, the beverage’s use has been supported for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. However, studies on them are limited. 
  • Camel milk is a safe, nutritious replacement for plant- and animal-based milk types. You can consume it plain or add to beverages like tea, coffee, soups, smoothies, pancakes, etc.   
  • The milk’s taste depends on where it comes from. For example, camel milk in the US is sweet and creamy, while it is nutty and smoky in the Middle East. If your child has autism, then begin by giving one ounce of camel milk twice a day on an empty stomach.
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Camel milk for autism is beneficial in many ways. It is rich in nutrients, has healthy fats, and improves the immune system. If you want to know more about camel milk’s health benefits or wish to try new recipes around the beverage, reach CamelMilk for help! Here, you find detailed information about camel milk, its uses, and ways to add it to your daily diet. Add a natural cure to your life with camel milk. 

Happy Drinking!

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