Ways to enhance credibility for online business and win consumers’ confidence

Your online store is new, has no sales and therefore no reviews or social proof. How to instill trust in potential customers? Today’s customers simply don’t trust sellers. Their skepticism is backed up by Forrester’s research, which shows that 59% of B2B customers prefer to shop without a salesperson. They believe that sellers only have their position about what they need to sell today, which means they cannot provide an objective recommendation.

Many consumers choose not to purchase at all because they fear being forced to buy the wrong product or service. Another recent study found that 48% of B2B shoppers want a new solution but are afraid to buy because they understand that it is a big risk.

If you want to build relationships with such customers and make more sales, you must earn their trust. Trust is the rare and most valuable resource for internet entrepreneurship. The era of the so-called info-businessmen has passed, but they completely undermined people’s faith in online business, which is already new to many.

People don’t trust you right away, because anyone can write something online. There are no publishers or editors to separate good quality content from bad. There is no independent party that will check information 100 times before releasing it to the masses.

You need to prove that you are trustworthy. And if you can call it, you have tremendous opportunities, including more readers, clicks, and guaranteed sales growth.

How to show that your project is reliable and worth trusting?

The following are a few keys that would help you enhance the credibility of your business. 

1. A story about your achievements

Be sure to share your accomplishments but do not be the voice. Reinforce your information with testimonials and thanks from your customers and other social proofs – let others tell you about you. To win the customer’s favor, talk about the technologies you work with and back it up with visual evidence or a native review. The first stages of developing customer loyalty are aimed at building your image of authority in their eyes.

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2. Provision of guarantees

Many users, especially when buying an expensive product or service, are tormented by doubts about the correct choice and guarantees after the transaction. Reassure the client with your online business license and show him that you are ready to be responsible for your products even after payment. It is very important! As an example, tell them that within a certain period of time a customer can get their money back if the purchase does not meet certain requirements or promises.

Detailed video instruction on the rules for using the device or a video presentation in 3D format will also help reduce doubts.

3. Availability of contact information

It is important for the consumer to know who he is dealing with, where to call for more information and where to go if he needs help. Even on social networks, your ad may not be moderated if there are no relevant supporting documents for the goods and services or there is not enough information about the advertiser.

4. Expertise

Demonstrate your expertise and introduce a potential client to your employees by talking about them and their qualifications and professionalism. Tell us who the client will deal with after the conclusion of the contract or in the process of providing the service.

5. Communication with clients

Be open and customer-focused. Answer questions, offer help and thank you for your feedback. Remember that even a dissatisfied customer, with a competent approach and a benevolent attitude, can be turned into an adherent of your brand. The formation of customer loyalty often occurs precisely after the competent processing of objections, complaints, and criticism of consumers.

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6. Admitting your mistakes

Of course, it’s better not to commit them, but show a company that is capable of it. If there is a problem, do not deny its existence by all truth or crook, but offer a way to solve it with the benefit of the consumer.

7. Literate texts

Check and re-read what you send to the client and do not take this item without due responsibility. You should associate with a specialist, not with an illiterate student. The text is written can confuse a potential client and cause distrust of your professionalism and education.

8. Feedback

Do not hesitate to ask customers for feedback in order to improve the quality of work and improve the available opportunities. Ask the client what he didn’t like about working with you and don’t be afraid to get an unexpected answer. Any feedback gives you the opportunity to look at your business from the outside, and the changes that you demonstrate to the client will positively affect your reputation.

9. Confidentiality

People appreciate confidentiality. This word is especially relevant now when privacy security is constantly violated, personal and corporate data is stolen or hacked. When you tell people that you will respect and protect their privacy, they trust you much more.

10. Personalization

Now web personalization is a real trend, and flexible settings in the field of digital promotion make it possible to address directly even the narrowest target audience. An individual approach always evokes more trust and loyalty from the client on a subconscious level, so why not take advantage of the opportunities that high technologies provide us?

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Gaining the trust of skeptical customers is a tricky process, especially if you are starting a business with them. The information presented will help you in the sales process, overcoming many work problems. Try to promise less and do more. If you promised a client that you would call him back within two hours, and then call after 30 minutes, this is already exceeding expectations. For some, these are trifles, but for others, it will be very important. And most importantly, always do what you promised to do and try to pleasantly surprise the consumers of your product or service.

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