No eye drops? Heated eye mask has got your back!

Are you someone who has dry eyes? Are you not able to find a solution for the same? Well, don’t fret. You have arrived at the right page. 

Most of them use eye drops to get rid of eye masks. However, some of them do not like using the same. What do you do in this situation? A heated eye mask has got your back. Studies have shown that a heated mask can work wonders as compared to a cold one. It not only helps in relieving stuffy sinuses but also helps with other issues related to the eyes. It can avoid eye irritation, take away the redness, and even relief from dryness. But have you ever thought about why you have a dry eye? The reasons for the same are umpteen. Mentioned below are them. Take a look.

Reasons for a dry eye

Doctors say that you can have a dry eye because of a lot of health conditions. This is where a heated dry mask can lessen the pain and help. Please keep it for five minutes and see the magic. By any chance, if the issue takes place because of dirt or debris, use a cloth gently over the eyelids. This will remove the dirt and the bacteria that may have entered the eye. Continue doing the same for some time, and it will eliminate the dirt if any. Now let us talk about the reasons for a dry eye.

One of the most common reasons for a dry eye is meibomian gland disease. This is a type of chronic condition which accounts for about ninety percent of dry eye cases. If you are suffering from the same, consider using a heated dry eye mask. It will stimulate the oil glands that produce tears. Although there are several ways you can follow to apply heat, one of the most effective ones is to use an electrically heated eye mask.

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Why is a heated dry mask better?

Even though there are several eye mask for dry eyes available in the market, it is recommended to use the heated one. It would help if you used a heated dry mask because of the below-mentioned reasons:

a). The blood circulation gets better

b). Helps you sleep better

c). You do not feel uncomfortable while sleeping

d). Prevent tears

When it comes to preventing the eyes, the eye mask’s main ingredients consist of oils and lipids. These are the ingredients that help you keep your eyes moisturized. Cover your eyes entirely with the dry eye sleep mask. It will help you for sure. The mask offers complete coverage to the upper part of the face.

Another reason for a dry eye is you might often wake up with sticky or crusty eyes. Heat masks work better here as compared to the cold one since they unblock the glands. Moreover, it is also an effective home remedy to lessen the inflammation.

The summary

Using a dry eye mask is beneficial in a lot of ways. While eye drops are a must, trying a dry mask never goes.

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