The Best DNA Testing Services in India

“DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created.”   – Bill Gates

DNA is the genetic material of the human body. It has genetic codes for the formation of an embryo, and thus a human being. It also serves as the best method of identification of an individual. The parents pass their DNA equally to the child, and by matching the DNA of the child with that of the parents’ DNAs, he or she can be easily and biologically related to his or her parents.

An Indian scientist Lalji Singh, first profiled a DNA sample to solve a paternity dispute case in 1991. Today, one can easily get a DNA test in India for himself or herself.

There are many private DNA testing labs offering a variety of services related to a DNA test in Delhi, and a DNA test in India.

What are DNA tests done for?

The most commonly used DNA tests by the common public are listed below:

1. Relationship DNA Tests:

a). Paternity DNA Test: Confirmation of the relationship between the child and the father.

b). Maternity DNA Test: For confirming the relationship between the child and the mother.

c). Siblingship DNA Test: Confirmation of the relationship between the siblings.

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d). Grandparentage DNA Test: To confirm the relationship between the grandchildren and the grandparents.

2. DNA Tests for Organ Transplantation:

This test is done to check the genetic relationship between the living organ-donor and the organ-recipient, and is mandatory for the surgeon and the transplant centers as per the Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 2014.

3. Immigration DNA Test:

Immigration DNA test in India is done to confirm the genetic relationship between the sponsor and the applicant for an Immigration Visa. It is a common practice among most of the nations, to prevent illegal cross-border movements.

4. Non-Invasive Prenatal Trisomy (NIPT) Test:

This test is done to find the possibility of any genetic disease in the fetus, after birth. NIPT test finds out the trisomy 13, 18, and 21, etc.

5. Prenatal Paternity DNA Test:

This test confirms if the unborn baby is genetically related to the father or not. Prenatal paternity DNA Test in Delhi, and in India has become increasingly popular over the years.

6. Ancestry DNA Tests:

Ancestry DNA tests can give valuable information about one’s ancestors, their paternal, and maternal lineage, and their original ethnicity, etc. Some advanced tests, like GPS Origins Test, can give precise information about one’s ancestors from a thousand years ago.

7. Forensic DNA Test:

DNA testing techniques are best utilized in forensic investigation. The DNA present in the biological samples retrieved from the crime site, like hair, nails, blood, skin flakes, bones, semen, and other body tissues can be studied to identify the suspects.

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Why DNA Forensics Laboratory?

DNA Forensics Laboratory is offering services related to a DNA test in Delhi, India, and in many other countries of the world, like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, Thailand, etc.

A good DNA testing company or lab must have high quality, advanced technologies, industry-standard sample-processing, and analysis techniques, and well qualified technical staff for flawless customer experience. DNA Forensics Laboratory is the only private company, doing court-approved legal DNA test in India for Hon’ble court, foreign embassies, and law-enforcement agencies, etc.

It is the best place for a DNA test in Delhi, and in India. For more information visit their website –

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