Vaping has become increasingly popular over the years, almost like a lifestyle and hobby. If you’re considering switching from smoking to vaping, you’re in the right place. There are many reasons to vape instead of smoke, including saving money each month and not smelling cigarettes. 

However, there are many different types of vape devices out there, so it can take time and research to work out what style will suit you best. Everyone is different, but the joy of vaping is something that everyone can experience search “cbd near me“. 

Here are the three steps you need to take when diving into the world of vaping. 

1. Choose your vaping style 

There are two vaping styles, and the style you choose will dictate the kit you buy. If you’re looking for a vaping style similar to smoking, then a vape pen will suit your needs. However, opt for vape mods or tanks if you want a proper vape experience. These are known for their firepower and the ability to personalize your device within the vape community

Fun fact: the term “mod” originates from a time in vaping history when vapers would modify their torches into a vaping device. Why did they do this? To create more clouds! The bigger the clouds, the better. 

2. Choose your juice 

Now you’ve decided on what type of device you will use, you’ll need to choose your vape juice. This is an integral part of your process because there are many different types with varying nicotine strength levels. 

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Nicotine salt e-liquids (also known as ‘salts’) have become increasingly popular in recent years. They’re enjoyed so much because the nicotine is absorbed very quickly and efficiently into the body, providing a faster nicotine hit and experience. In fact, it gives a stronger nicotine experience than any smoker can get from a cigarette. Additionally, they allow people to smoke higher nicotine concentrations without any unwanted side effects, such as scratching at the back of the throat. The vaping experience is smooth and incredibly satisfying. They’re an excellent option for newbies. 

3. Choose your strength 

Now you’ve chosen your vape juice type and flavor – it’s time to work out what strength to start with. If you’re new to vaping and not a heavy smoker, definitely start with lower levels. Here is an essential guide:

– If you were a heavy smoker, it’s suggested you start on a higher level of around 18-20mg. 

– If you’re looking for something a little less intense, try 12mg. 

  • If you’re a light smoker, for example, smoking a few cigarettes a day, 6mg strength is perfect for you. 
  • If you’re a social or stress smoker, then start out at 3mg and assess how this feels later down the line. You can always increase if you’d like to, but you can also dilute it down if needed. This lower dosage is especially good if you’re transitioning to vaping to stop smoking entirely

Vaping can be a fun experience, especially when done with friends. It’s worth taking the time to work out if it’s genuinely for you and making sure you get the kit that will meet your needs and lifestyle.