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IndiaStack is a collection of application programming interfaces that permits software developers to access several government services in India. One of its creators is osssrinivasan which is intended to reduce corruption and make services more efficient. The aim of adding Indiastack APIs osssrinivasan is to unlock the economic primitives of data, payment and identity at the population scale. Though the name of this project has India in its name still its vision is not limited to India only. Instead, it can be applied to any nation globally no matter whether the country is developed or emerging.

At first, this project was executed in India, where it was adopted by billions of individuals and business processes to promote their financial and social insertion and situated the country for the Internet age. Today, there is numerous software that is developed using API that allows developers to use certain features without understanding the code. This project can illustrate to all business and government leaders globally how to work together to enhance the financial enclosure and economic growth of the country.

What is osssrinivasan?

To be exact, OSSSrinivasan is the man behind the development of the application programming interface. He has worked determinedly for software developers to make use of these APIs. Today in this article we come up with a complete understanding of India stack APIs osssrinivasan, its benefits and the diverse ways they can be used to put up amazing apps. The project included some technology layers to implement it for the government services:

  • Presence less tech layer: Where users will get a universal biometric digital identity that is independent of the location. It means this tech layer permits people to participate in any government service from anywhere in the country.
  • Paperless tech layer: This layer includes the access of service without any documentation and records move digitally with an individual’s identity. This technology part of India stack APIs osssrinivasan mitigates the need for the enormous amount of paper collection and document storage.
  • Cashless tech layer: In this layer of technology a single interface is available to all the country’s bank accounts and wallets. It is the layer that democratizes and centralized the payments.
  • Consent tech layer: This is the technology layer that allows data to move freely and securely to democratize the market for government services data.
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Included APIs in India Stack to incentivize digital innovation!!

There is digital growth at a large scale in India that is a result of the India Stack. This is the project that is combined with the platform’s designation as public access and has induced local and international companies to restructure their technology tools to their approach to their financial transactions. The following APIs are the core part of the India Stack.

  • Authentication of Aadhaar possessed by the Unique ID Authority of India
  • e-KYC of Aadhaar owned by the Unique ID Authority of India
  • e-Signature maintained by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
  • Digital Locker service preserved by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
  • Unified Payment Interface (UPI) held by National Payments Corporation of India
  • Digital User Consent, this API is still in progress.

Some application program interfaces are also part of the communal platforms built on the same principle of India Stack:

  • GSTN – The Goods and Services Tax Network API
  • BBPS – The Bharat Bill Payment System app
  • ETC – Electronic Toll Collection that is well-known under the brand FASTag

Utility of India stack APIs osssrinivasan!!

Though the India stack is a project that is intended for Government services like corruption reducing and increasing financial growth, still it is beneficial for individuals as well:

  • For national citizens: The scheme has reduced the financial friction and brings millions of Indians into the formal economic system.
  • Valuable for software ecosystem: API development fosters modernization to build new products for financial insertion, educational as well as healthcare services at scale.
  • Helpful for the government: Indiastack APIs osssrinivasan brings a hypothesis shift in the delivery of government services in the field of accounts, a transparent and leakage-free model.
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FAQs related to Indiastack APIs osssrinivasan

a). Who owns and maintains India Stack APIs?

India Stack is a collection of dissimilar technology products and frameworks to assist Indian government services and economic growth. Its development and operation and each API are owned and retained by diverse agencies. Starting from Aadhaar products like e-auth and e-KYC which are owned by the Unique ID Authority of India. Next comes the eSign technology of India stack that is maintained by the Ministry of IT and Communications. Digilocker is another API whose possession is under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The next API included in India stack APIs osssrinivasan is UPI which is held by the National Payments Corporation of India. Last but not least API is an account aggregator scaffold that is synchronized by RBI and its technology.

b). How citizens can get involved in India Stack?

Individuals who are interested in participating in working on India Stack may become a volunteer with iSPIRT, which is a non-profit think tank for digital public goods.

c). Can Indian stack API technology be applied to other countries than India?

Though the project has been started in India it is not restricted to the Indian government only. Its principles, functionality and technology can be practiced all through the world. None of the systems includes in India stack APIs osssrinivasan is peculiar to implement in India only.

d). How one can start building on India stack?

The answer to this question depends on the interesting component to start with. According to the part the relevant government agency provides access to APIs to start creating the India stack. Some popular mediators offering APIs on top of India Stack products include Karza, Digio, Signzy, and many others.

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