A Checklist to Know Before Hiring Offshore Software Developers

Software development offshoring has become very popular among US-based companies. It offers access to wide tech talent expertise enabling quick and cost-effective business optimization. It enables customers to supplement existing teams with specialized expertise. According to Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey, 72% of companies prefer to find offshore development teams rather than choosing in-house development.

Why do businesses select offshore development? There are many reasons for that, apart from cost-efficiency and money reductions. Here are some points:

  • Quality – as it is often the case offshore development companies offer high-quality projects striving to establish themselves a good reputation on the market. The competitive environment is one of the key drivers to being a proficient and reliable outsourcing partner. 
  • Enhanced productivity and time savings. This model of software outsourcing allows hiring specialists from any spot of the world enabling a customer to access the services needed.
  • Access to the wide tech talent pool. Offshoring enables the acquisition of the expertise unavailable locally. It allows the engineers to supplement the tech needs of the business.
  • Flexibility. High-quality offshore developers can simply shift between the project and successfully adapt to the tools and technologies the customer’s team is utilizing.

How to find an offshore development team

After you finally settled on hiring the development team, arises the necessity to find and hire the team of experts. It may be challenging to take the decision, however, here are some efficient tips that will help to choose the best possible software vendor:

  1. Define the project scope and objectives.
  2. Settle on the budgeting and technical requirements.
  3. Choose the country, and compile the list of the software vendors.
  4. Narrow down the number to several teams and conduct interviews to define which one will suit your requirements and tech stack the best.
  5. Make research using Google, GitHub, and other referrals that may comprise reviews of the real customers.
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Software offshoring is a cooperation model that can significantly boost business performance. High speed of deployment, the best tech specialists, rich tech talent pool at reasonable budgeting – all these advantages will boost your success immediately. However, it is necessary for the decision taker to understand that the success of the project depends on the vendor’s quality. Thus, it is necessary to approach the choosing process scrupulously and seriously.

A Checklist to Know Before Hiring Offshore Software Developers

In case, the decision is taken, and a customer is ready to sign the documents and launch the development process, it is always worth it to double-check all the nuances. Here is the checklist that will give a hint and offer advice concerning the choice of a reliable and expert software vendor. 

  • Make sure the chosen team possesses all the necessary skills and knowledge to finish your project. Check whether the team corresponds to the defined tech stack, has experience on similar projects, and has current domain expertise.
  • Discuss all the issues, including project timeline, building coherent communication. Transparency of processes and the ability to control all project stages will relieve the tension and allow a customer to stay tuned.
  • Overlap the working schedules. It is better to schedule all the strategic meetings and QA sessions, discussing the daily plans of the work done for overlapping hours of the time zones.

This checklist will help to discuss the important issues at the outsets of the project enabling to make the cooperation more productive. It will also allow avoiding major concerns and turn the outsourcing process into a business beneficial procedure.

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Offshore Software Outsourcing Trends

The niche of offshore outsourcing software development is blooming. Major market leaders have their R&D centers in Eastern Europe successfully benefiting from advanced tech service at a good price-quality ratio. GBKSOFT have gathered the main trends in offshore development:

Wide range of cutting-edge technologies. The newly emerged technologies present great opportunities for business processes upgrading and automation. IoT, Blockchain, AI are actively implemented for automation and supplementing of huge businesses. It creates a great demand for advanced tech specialists.

Eastern Europe – the top destination for offshoring. More and more global leaders including Google, Samsung, Apple set up their ODC(Offshore Development Centers) in Eastern Europe. It can be explained by a rich tech talent pool, evolving tech direction, acceptable rates, and great quality of service. It turns Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia, Belarus into appealing tech hubs.

Expertise in offshore outsourcing development model. Experience is the biggest value of the potential tech talent partner. By choosing this outsourcing model a client can immediately get a pool of experts in the needed field – graphic and UI / UX designers, frontend and backend developers, QA engineers, and a project manager who leads the project, controls the team, and keeps all processes running smoothly.

To sum up

Offshore software development becomes more and more popular and offers unique opportunities for business. Advanced offshoring companies have valuable skills and knowledge. Flexibility, a good price-quality ratio, and a rich talent pool are the key benefits of this outsourcing model. However, it is necessary to bear in mind some major points and select the outsourcing partner carefully. It will guarantee a smooth flow of projects, efficient communication, and transparency of processes. As a result, you will get a successfully finished project fully corresponding to individual requirements and business needs.

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