The internet of things in 2020: More vital than ever

The internet has created another virtual world in itself and has broadened its reach from conventional devices using the internet to many other daily objects. “Internet of Things (IoT)” is the term that has been used to describe the devices that have the internet. IoT will be spreading widely after 2020 more than any science fiction writer would have imagined. The step up from 4G to 5G will be a major factor contributing to the growth of this IoT Industry. 

Most of the IoT devices will be connected with the help of mobile apps. Thus, IoT App Development will be emerging as a major career trend. The market of the IoT Industry is very widespread and not limited only to a few sectors. Applications of IoT will be seen in the transportation, medical, production, smart housing, and agriculture fields.  

In the commerce and business sectors, the term IoT Application Development is also popularly known as M2M App development. Here, M2M stands for machine to the machine where the data exchange takes place via devices without human involvement. IoT App Development is supported by many platforms like HomeKit, Android Things, ThingWorx, Xively, Ubidots, Azure IoT Suite, IBM Watson, Oracle IoT, and Kaa, to name a few popular ones.  

Every IoT App Development company is automating the processes by assuring our data security. This helps to improve the decision-making process and helps in utilizing the funds economically by eliminating the unnecessary expenses of the organization. Cuelogic is a renowned  IoT Application Development Company. Cuelogic’s prime focus is the Agile & Future Centric App Development. 

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In the year 2020, where the entire world has been hit by a pandemic that has made everyone confined to their homes, the ones in the IT industry do not feel a major shift in their work process. We are experiencing the importance of network edge along with network core now. Controlling other devices remotely in the COVID’19 era is not just a boon but a necessity. Without involving any person, the implementable solutions can be delivered by the technology due to IoT. This is the integration of the physical world with the internet.  

Smart Cities 

IoT won’t just stop at the devices of daily use but will play a major role in the functioning of cities. Taxis, cabs, video cameras, kiosks, etc. will be used as the data entry points here. This will ease traveling in the city and also help in controlling the crime rate in cities. Environmental needs like effective energy distribution, segregated trash collection, reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality can be fulfilled with the help of IoT.  

Citizens can engage with the help of smartphones. Here, again the IoT mobile app development is an emerging field catering to the needs of smart cities. The success of smart cities lies in these 4 elements: Pervasive wireless connectivity, Open data, Security, Flexible monetization schemes. New York, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen are smart cities that have been successful in the implementation.  

Few other applications in the smart cities include reducing pollution, sensing seismic effects, controlling lighting and heating in the buildings, and face recognition for security purposes.  

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Machine learning will be vital as the machine will gain data from man-machine interaction. The device has to store this data and learn on its own without any manual programming. This is a very critical aspect of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence works for businesses to achieve their set goals by rational thinking and to work towards it. AI, combined with IoT, is the main driver of future businesses.  

AI with IoT can help businesses increase their operational efficiency, manage risks effectively, implement new innovative products and solutions, increase scalability, and reduce the costly unplanned downtimes. 

Few examples where AI has been successfully embedded in IoT are robots in the manufacturing industry, self-driving cars, retail analytics, smart thermostat solutions. 2020 will be revolutionized by the growth of the IoT industry powered by AI.  

A report by Statista predicts that in the next 5 years, more than 44 billion devices worldwide will be IoT devices.  


As it has been rightly said, “a coin has 2 sides” so does the IoT industry. So far we explored how the IoT will transform the world towards a better place, but it comes with a set of challenges to overcome.  

With the already existing large number of machines that are not sensor friendly, embedding compatible sensors in them to collect information will be a lot of work to do, where there is a wide variety of machines and each machine performing different functions and many other features that vary even for the same type of machines.  

Data security and privacy issues are also a major area of concern, but the technological advancement of the IoT Industry, along with sound implementation and proper boundaries set by the authorities, will be a miracle to the world. 

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