The Guide on How to Learn French Online with Ease

How to Learn French Online in 4 Simple Steps

Get started learning French

If you’re only just getting started with French then you might want to ease into it. There’s no point rushing in with verbs and complicated conjugations. Instead, start by getting your ears used to the language by watching TV and movies or listening to French music, radio, and podcasts. Your ears will start to adapt and pick up on certain words, meaning you’re ready to take the next step and start actively learning. To help you recognize frequently used words, watch videos with French subtitles so that you pick up on them more easily. That said, never use subtitles in your native language as your brain will focus on these rather than the French that you’re trying to learn.

The best way to learn French

Play games

One of the best ways to learn a new language or skill is to have fun while learning. If you’re a bookworm, try reading a French book, if you’re a movie fanatic, watch French movies, but one thing that anyone can do is play games. There are many mobile apps and websites where you can play language games online. This makes French language learning fun instead of a boring chore. You can find multiple-choice and gap-fill games on apps such as Duolingo and Clozemaster, while Brainscape is ideal for flashcard games, and other apps such as FluentU are great for interactive videos. Games can be played in just a few minutes meaning they’re perfect for everyone, even those with the busiest schedules. What’s more, they might even help you relax!

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Penpal or language exchange

Speaking is the best way to drastically improve your language skills, but where can you find a native French speaker to practice with? Using language exchange apps and conversation forums allow you to find a partner to practice chatting with, either face to face, by phone, or by message. It’s just like social media but with the added bonus of meeting new people and learning a new language. You could pair with other students and practice together, or find a native French speaker and help them with English in exchange. Some apps to use include Tandem and HelloTalk.

Take lessons

If you want to go one step further and advance at a rapid pace then you could try online French lessons. There are many platforms online which help you find a teacher, often native speakers, such as iTalki, Verbling, Preply, or LiveXP. Once you’ve found a teacher that suits you, you can plan your lessons around your lifestyle, as online teachers have a lot more flexibility. The main advantage of one-to-one lessons is that the teacher can focus on you! They will adapt the lessons to your level and to your needs to help you achieve your goals.

Online courses

You can also learn French at ease from the comfort of your own home thanks to courses. They may be written booklets that you can download or video courses in the form of a presentation or the teacher directly speaking to the camera. These videos are often pre-recorded and saved, which you can then buy or download for free on different sites, to watch and re-watch whenever you choose. These kinds of courses take away the pressure of face-to-face lessons and group courses, as they allow you to learn on your own time, at your own pace, and in your own environment.

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Bonus way to learn French

  • Flashcards

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the old-fashioned way of learning. You don’t need a smartphone or internet connection to use flashcards. Either you can print them off, or simply write some key vocabulary on a piece of paper. Study the flashcards or place them around your house: on the backs of doors, on the fridge, on the mirror. Everywhere you look you will learn a new word. Depending on your level, you could write simple vocabulary words with the translation or pictures, or you could write grammar such as verb conjugations.

Learn French online

There isn’t one surefire way to learn to speak French fluently, but a combination of different techniques will help you progress in all areas: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. With just a few minutes of practice every day on your commute, during your work break, or before you go to bed, you can gradually improve your French with ease.