Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Keeping your car clean and tidy might feel like an impossible dream, especially if you’re on the road all the time or raising young children.

If you’re tired of throwing away trash, picking up loose magazines, or cleaning sticky cup holders, some tools and tactics can keep your car fresh, fragrant, and organized.

It doesn’t matter if you own a hatchback, SUV, or pickup truck; check out the following six ways to keep your vehicle clean and tidy.

1. Add an Air Freshener

Keep your car fresh and fragrant by adding a pleasant air freshener. If you don’t want to dangle one from your rear-view mirror, you can buy a product that attaches to your vent.

It will fill the air with a fresh, fragrant scent and may even cover up the smell of fast food, old coffee, or wet dog.

2. Customizable Accessories

Vehicle owners can purchase various extras to personalize their car and improve its comfort.

For example, many of these affordable Tundra accessories will allow you to enjoy a cleaner, more comfortable vehicle. 

Customize the pickup truck with husky floor liners, a deck rail system, or a center console organizer, to name a few options. 

3. Store a Pack of Wet Wipes

Stains and spills can strike when on the road. Coffee can spill in the cup holder, chocolate may melt into your car seat, or your child could spill milk on the floor. 

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Keeping a pack of wet wipes in the vehicle will allow you to quickly wipe up the mess to minimize damage and foul odors. 

4. Introduce a No Food and Drink Rule

If you often return to a foul-smelling vehicle or battle loose packaging each day, it might be time to introduce a no food and drink rule in your car, van, or truck. 

It will not only prevent unpleasant scents, but your interior will remain in good shape throughout the years. Plus, you will feel less embarrassed when welcoming new passengers.

5. Keep a Handheld Vacuum in Your Trunk

A handheld vacuum will become your best friend when on the road. As your vehicle may accumulate much dirt, debris, and crumbs over time, you can pull out the gadget from your trunk when needed to clean up the mess and restore your upholstery. 

It’s a must-have if you spend many hours in your car or often embark on muddy walks.

6. Add Car Seat Covers

If you’re worried about passengers damaging your luxurious interior, you can protect the upholstery with car seat covers

It will prevent stains and spills from damaging your vehicle, as you can remove the covers for cleaning when a food or drink accident strikes. 

Also, as it can stop significant wear and tear, it can improve your vehicle’s resale value.

Don’t struggle with a messy, foul-smelling vehicle any longer. Add customizable extras to improve organization, protect upholstery with car seat covers, and even consider introducing a no food and drink rule to prevent stains and spills.

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