5 Simple Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

So much to do and only so little discipline to get it done.

We hear you. Getting through all your tasks at hand can be overwhelming. But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are simple things you can do right now, to help improve your productivity at work.

Let’s get straight to it!

1. Your Hardest Task First

Your hardest, most difficult task is the one that stresses you out the most. While it might be instinctive to want to put that off for as long as possible, it is actually counterproductive to do so.

Completing your most difficult job first will allow you to pursue the rest of your day with a free and happy mind.

2. Manage Distractions

We’re all prone to distractions, aren’t we? Perhaps, the most common one is our phone.

If this is something you struggle with, it’s time to block your notifications or lock away your phone every time you want to set your mind to a work task. Another thing you can do is get yourself a special work phone.

A simple phone that only has apps relevant to work installed on it.

3. A Good Aesthetic Goes a Long Way

Do not underestimate the power of a productive-looking environment.

Find out what drives you. What colors make you feel good? What quotes inspire you?

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What looks pleasing to your eyes? What accessories would make your work life easier?

There are a lot of great online brands that focus specifically on designing accessories that help with your work productivity. Be sure to check it out here.

4. Take Frequent Breaks

Yes, you already love this option, don’t you?

Well, the trick here is to set little alarms on your phone. Make your little breaks as meaningful as you can, but also do not indulge in any tasks that are likely to keep you distracted for too long.

Five-minute meditation exercises, a short walk around the office, or a couple of relaxing songs should be good enough to help you get through your next work slot.

5. Prioritize 

Before you start off your day, make sure you know exactly what you need to get done. Once you have a clear idea of what’s on the agenda, you’ll be able to prioritize the most important work first.

Consider deadlines, difficulty levels, and similar factors to determine what needs to get done first.

Small Step to Improving Productivity at Work

Every single step you take towards improving productivity at work goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to make a change, no matter how small or silly it might seem to you. Prioritize, stay clear of distractions and take frequent breaks to help make your work-life smoother!

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Originally posted 2021-03-23 09:33:32.

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