Enhance Your Red Carpet Event With Step And Repeat Banners

You are all set to move ahead with a red carpet event but wondering which advertising tool to implement, using the step and repeat pattern is one of the best choices to make. It is one of the classic elements of events. Before you choose the step and repeat pattern as the backdrop, here is what you need to know about this element.

  • You may think about it as obvious but not all backdrops of events have logos. Fortunately, the step and repeat banner includes the logos of organizations placed closely or in a scattered way.
  • Usually, this banner is made from vinyl but companies can use stretchy fabrics as well.
  • The quality of vinyl material can differ, so make sure you adhere to high quality materials.
  • The banner hangs on a stand and the print you can view can be in vinyl squares.
  • The step and repeat banners are easy to set up and move as they are not very rigid.
  • One of the significant aspects to check about this banner is the quality of vinyl material.
  • You can choose from glossy and matte levels depending on the light conditions so that the glare of the light does not make the logos blurred.
  • The quality of the vinyl will have a significant effect on the quality of the photos, and eventually the brand.
  • The step and repeat banners are ideal for red carpet events, such as grand openings, premiers of films, and the ribbon-cutting ceremonies.
  • If you want to make your business popular and work towards making it unique, the step and repeat patters create additional publicity.

What to order

When ordering a step and repeat banner, make sure the backdrop is suitable for the photographers. As the photographers vary the lights for empowering the flash and clicking photos, you need to know that a highly glossy and shiny surface can shadow the logs and ruin the basic purpose of step and repeat.

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Frame of the banner

The frame of the banner is another distinctive element to consider from aluminum expandable frames that are lightweight and ideal for various purposes. Apart from this, metal pipes are also strong and sturdy. If you are planning to organize the event outdoors, go for a high-quality frame. Here is what you need to know.

  1. The pipe and drape stand is the conventional option in which twin stands connect through a pole.
  2. It is a good option as it can break down easily into smaller pieces and easy to transport.
  3. The media wall is another kind of step and repeat in which a firm, smooth, and reliable structure characterizes the banner.

Size of step and repeat

With different types of stands, it is necessary to keep the size in mind. Usually, the step and repeat banners are very high, so the length should be based on the number of people to be photographed. Usually, the longer patterns comprise media walls while the shorter options include the pipe and drape stands.

Undoubtedly, the step and repeat banners make the red carpet events more glorious and fascinating.





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