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While it’s so simple and natural, many people don’t realize how much they neglect physical activity during a busy day. It may come to the end of the workday, and you realize you haven’t moved from your desk in 8 hours, or maybe you’re simply trying to set some new fitness goals for yourself. 

Looking for ways to increase physical activity, no matter how small, will always be beneficial to your health and lifestyle. Here are four ways you can do so. 

1. Reconsider Your Transport Options

Driving a car can be unavoidable in certain situations, especially if you live in rural areas without anything in easy walking distance. If you can afford to reconsider your transport options, however, you should. 

If you can walk to a location instead of driving, whether it’s walking to work, walking to the shops, or any other occasion, then it’s always encouraged to do so. If you take public transport, you could try getting off your bus a stop early and walking the rest of the way, or doing the same for the train. If you do choose to take the train instead, even walking to (and through) the station is more physical activity than you would get when driving. 

2. Find an Intensive Hobby

Hobbies are great ways to explore new interests and pass the time, but they’re also ideal opportunities to get more physical activity. There are many hobbies that can encourage time spent outdoors and more physical demands, and these can even be coupled with other interests you may have. 

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For instance, if you have a passion for animals, a hobby like horseback riding and horse training would be a great opportunity for physical exercise. If you like sports, you can switch out a gym class or indoor session to something outdoors like rock climbing or watersports.

3. Take the Stairs

At every opportunity, always take the stairs, whether it’s a few small steps or a large staircase. If you can avoid the elevator or escalator, then definitely try to. 

You could even incorporate this into a workout routine you have. If you usually go for a jog, walk or run on a route that doesn’t have stairs, could you change your route to include more of an incline?

4. Think Differently About Social Outings

There are plenty of ways to incorporate more physical activity into social outings if you think more creatively about it. If you’re meeting a friend for coffee, can you take a walk in the park with a coffee-to-go instead of sitting in?

If you usually meet up for lunch in a restaurant, could you grab food on the go to enjoy during a casual stroll? 

When trying to think of your next social occasion, you could also suggest trying something new which will allow everybody to get moving. Instead of meeting at your local bar, you could meet at a gym or dance class and try something a little different.

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