4 Ways to Avoid Laptop-Related Sleep Disorders

If you struggle to get enough quality sleep, someone has probably told you your electronics are at least partially responsible. In many cases, you might have a treatable medical condition—and those will very likely be worsened by excessive use of your laptop and other devices. Even without a diagnosis, though, your digital habits can impact your sleep quality and time spent asleep each night.

Of course, cutting out devices isn’t very feasible in the modern world—working in front of a desktop monitor all day or unwinding at your gaming laptop at night, electronics are almost universal in terms of both work and play. However, a few simple guidelines can help you meet the issue halfway, easing your symptoms without cutting you off from the digital world. 

1. Choose the right equipment.

_Choose the right equipment

Choosing a new laptop or desktop for working from home or searching for the best gaming laptop you can buy, you know you have to pay attention to certain specifications. For example, is the battery life sufficient for an entire workday? Is the GPU good enough for optimal game performance? Will the CPU provide the power you need? Can you use the webcam for important video calls?

At the same time, take the time to determine whether that new laptop has the graphics quality and screen resolution to be easy on the eyes—a higher quality laptop might have a higher-than-average price point, but it will pay off with a good night’s sleep. That sounds like a worthwhile compromise! 

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2. Consult a Doctor

Consult a Doctor

If your at-home efforts don’t have the impact you’d like, set up an appointment with your doctor or a sleep specialist. Haven’t pursued sleep medicine in the past? Spend a few minutes on your favorite search engine, or ask your friends and family who’ve undergone sleep disorder treatment in New Jersey for recommendations.

When you visit a sleep center or specialist, they will likely schedule you for a sleep study. If they find you’re dealing with a sleep disorder like insomnia, narcolepsy, or sleep apnea, you might need a treatment option such as a CPAP machine.

Whether or not you have a formal sleep disorder, though, a sleep medicine professional can help you figure out what other adjustments you can make to your laptop and device use in order to sleep more and at a higher quality. 

3. Consider blue light glasses and night modes. 

Consider blue light glasses and night modes

Whether you’re diving into virtual worlds on your gaming laptop late at night, working hard on projects for school or your career, or just scrolling through social media, there’s a good chance you’re spending time in front of a laptop, phone, or another device during the day through bedtime or later.

So when you find yourself trying to meet a deadline or try out the latest games, try wearing a pair of blue light glasses or activating night mode on any devices that offer it. Studies have shown that blocking blue light with tinted glasses or a computer program can help regulate your circadian rhythm, improving your sleep. 

4. Cut back on screen time.

Cut back on screen time

You most likely can’t cut screens from your life entirely, but you can cut back a bit. Schedule regular breaks to walk away from your computer or shut your eyes for a moment—moving from your laptop to your phone doesn’t count!

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Consider charging your phone outside of the bedroom, so you aren’t tempted to scroll at bedtime or first thing in the morning. Each decrease will have an increasingly significant impact on your sleep and overall wellness. 

From buying the best laptop to visiting a sleep specialist, there are plenty of steps you can take to get better sleep despite the frequent use of your computer or other devices. Best of all, you won’t need to cut out electronics entirely. 


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