10 Best Beaches to Visit in Bali- let’s get soaked under the sun!!!

Craving to become a part of those stunning beaches on the coast of Bali? Tanned skin, beach lounges, hearty swim, are you dying to relish these things? Well, no worries, grab your bikini and get all set to experience this at the 10 best beaches to visit in Bali. You’re sure gonna enjoy your vacation with our list of beaches.

1. Jimbaran Bay

This beach is spread out along 3 km and it’s not just the scenery that attracts you, the fishermen sell their fresh-caught fish and other seafood each morning at markets. When the sun sets, you can find the coastline dotted with beachfront barbecues, cooking up the day’s catch so you can enjoy it. If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner, you can head to the bay and enjoy the treats before it gets too dark. Or if you are a sunshine person you can find a quiet spot away from the bay and enjoy the sun from dusk till dawn. 

2. Keramas Beach

This beach is surrounded by breathtaking views, the front has gorgeous waves and the back is gorgeous Mount Agung. It is found out from the public, this beach is popular for its beachfront destination Komune beach club. The scenery of the beach looks as if out of fantasy, it’s black sands stretch out and meet the ocean water at yonder. You can stay on the beachfront daybeds and then stay at the Komune resort to enjoy night surfing when the sun goes down. You may enjoy it more if you end up at this beach during the World Surf League Competition. You can see famous surfers here during this competition. 

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3. Seminyak Beach

If you enjoy the attention and want to be where all the water activities are taking place then Seminyak Beach is the place for you. This beach’s golden sands are spread across 5km, you can find amazing bars, restaurants, and a five-star hotel just a few steps away from the splashing waves. You can also enjoy world-famous beach clubs in the hotel vicinity. It starts from the outskirts of Kuta, then stretches to the coastal edges of Canggu. You can call this beach a holiday destination. You can choose between surfing and idly lying on the beach.

5. Pasir Putih

This white sand beach is sometimes referred to as Virgin beach because it is remotely placed. But the struggle of finding the beach is worth it because the views are something to make you go crazy. This beach is great to swim in if you want to calm your soul, you can enjoy a nice massage also. This beach can be your secret hideaway from all the crowd of Bali. 

6. Sanur Beach 

Sanur Beach is the 5 km stretch of white sand that came into existence because few rich people decided to build resorts on the property. Year-round the gentle breeze cools the temperature of the coast. You can see a promenade along the coast, where you can take the local boats for a fishing adventure. This beach is great if you want to enjoy a day out with your family and stay under the sun. The waves are gentle here so it is not a place for surfers but you can do snorkelling and diving. 

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7. Balangan Beach

If you desire to surf through your vacation then this beach is the top surfing beach in Bali. And it’s not that it’s only about surfing, you can stroll or just lay on the beach under the sun. There are umbrellas and lounges for people who prefer the sand and for the water babies you can surf all day without stopping. You can also have a hearty lunch or dinner at a rustic restaurant close by, which serves local Indonesian and ice-cold drinks. Although the beach is small, only half a kilometre, the cliffs and reefs are worth visiting.

8. Nusa Dua Beach

If you are up for a family day out at a beach then this beach should be on your list. Bordering Nusa Dua resort, crafted lawns and five-star hotels, this beach looks almost manmade. You can see palm trees stretched along the beach which gives it a breathtaking look. The beach is tidy and the water is steady. The most interesting thing is that this beach is lined with family-friendly restaurants, a sports complex and a shopping mall. So you can enjoy yourself here with your family without the stress of your little one being hungry or tired, you have places where you can relax. 

9. Blue Lagoon

The name gives it all, it’s a paradise of white sand spread along the calm waters and beachy bay. It’s a picture-perfect bay for all those vacation selfie enthusiasts, the rocky hills and lush knolls are the perfect scenery for a good picture. It has an amazing underwater life, you can enjoy diving and snorkelling here, go search for Nemo down there. Padang Bai harbour is right next to the beach so you can hop on a boat and go to Gili Islands after you are done enjoying. 

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10. Suluban Beach

Located beneath the Single fin bar, Suluban beach is the main access to the Uluwatu surf break. This beach is a hidden treasure and there are rarely high tides here making it best for a secret swim. The water is turquoise and the backdrop is stunning cliffs making beautiful scenery for your pictures. You need to walk down Uluwatu and through the caves to reach here, but the effort is worth it. 

11. Pandawa beach

If you like the busy beach vibes then this beach is best for you, it has a mixed reputation liked by some for the bustle of sunbeds, and some hate it for the same reason. But if you need an empty place just for yourself then you can get that too. Walk past the beachgoers during a low tide and away from them all you will find an open stretch of land just for you, no umbrellas, no sunbeds, just the sand, water and you. 

Bali is a scenic destination that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, it is a hub for everyone who wants to travel, it’s got a little bit for everyone. Once you gorge on the delicious cuisine there are plenty of ways you can make it settle in your stomach. So are you up for a fantastic holiday in Bali with your loved ones, your partner or just you? Don’t forget to check Bali tour package on our Pickyourtrail website. 



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