Free Things

The Luxury lifestyle, the tallest buildings, and the bustling spots; Of course! It is Dubai, but when you think of free things to do in Dubai, the expressions will be confusing for the visitors. Dubai is world-famous for its record-holding sites that never let down the hands of culture. With so many top tourist attractions to visit and visitors with easy obtaining a Dubai visa through simple procedures, a one-time Dubai tour is never enough.

Well, not every visit to every site in Dubai requires money. Some places lay out the history and art so beautifully, that travelers get attracted to them. So, grab your Dubai tourist visa and explore these eight free things to do in Dubai.

Explore the traditional souks.

The buzzing Deira is a treasure chest and one of the oldest souks in the world. The old market is famous for its shimmering gold souks, which have the exotic collections of gold jewelers, while the spice souks are brimming with spices of all kinds, including nuts, oils, and saffron, which are used for a wide variety of cuisines. Head further, and you will be in a perfume souk selling the fragrance of rosewood, rose, jasmine, and more, and the textile souk is no exception, with traditional Arab designs and beautiful patterns.

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Please note that you cannot buy these items for free, but exploring the souks does not shell out your money.

View the water display of Dubai Fountains

The Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest performing fountain, choreographed to music and light, allowing visitors to watch the show for free. With over 900 feet in length, it is situated on the 30 acres of Burj Al Arab Lake and dances over the selected melodies. The uniquely designed fountain with 6600 WET superlight and 75 color projectors has powerful water nozzles that shoot the water at impressive heights. For a better experience, take a ride on the boat to enjoy the view.

Wander around Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenues is the most vibrant and artistic part of Dubai’s city center, teeming with art galleries, performance areas, and the finest eateries. It is a thriving community of 500000 square feet that houses several visual art organizations and designers and has emerged as an important creative development hub in the UAE. Soak in the cultural experiences shown by the creative artists, from galleries to shops, is an excellent way to spend time without money.

Visit the Camel Museum

Camel is known as the ship of the desert, and for such a valued animal, Dubai has its own Camel Museum. Located in the Al Shindagha area, the Camel Museum is free for visitors. It offers a unique opportunity to know and learn about the history, features, and facts of camels, especially those from the Arabian Peninsula. It also gives the visitor a sense of curiosity to enrich their knowledge of the relationship between camels and humans.

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Why miss the coffee museum?

The Coffee museum is a must-visit site for all the coffee lovers on their Dubai Trip. That too, for free. The world of coffee starts here, from the ancient history of the coffee bean’s revolution around the world to the modern techniques and importance of coffee. As you arrive at the museum, you get served Java and popcorn, the courtesy of Arab culture to welcome the visitors. Enjoy and learn the significance of coffee in different cultures, from extracting to grinding and preparing the coffee. The Coffee Museum is a coffee lover’s paradise.

Go hiking in Hatta

Hatta is an excellent place for hikers because of the winding wadis from the undulated peaks and terrain. The beautiful Hajar Mountains surrounding Hatta feature different trails, from sharp rocks to sandy patches, making it an adventure activity without spending a penny. It has also become a famous spot for mountain biking, camping with friends and families, and many more activities that attract most nature lovers.

Watch Flamingos at Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Ras Al Khor is mere meters away from Dubai and offers a spectacular view of avian beauty. It is hard to believe that such a place near a gleaming city protects thousands of birds like spot herons and ospreys. This wildlife sanctuary also serves as a breeding spot for mammals, crustaceans, and fish, but the flamingos will capture your attention. You will also spot great egrets, reef herons, black-winged stilts, and more amidst the pink beauties.

Love Lake has a romantic atmosphere

Al Qudra is renowned for its striking human-made lakes in the UAE, among which Love Lakes is a perfect destination for enjoying romantic time with loved ones. The popular spot consists of two intertwined heart-shaped lakes, speaking out of love. Even the trees and benches spread the love here. It has every facility, including parking areas, barbeques, and hotspots for wildlife gazing. While enjoying your time here, do not miss the ultimate sunset view here.

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