Why Light Is Important

There is a lot of power in the light. Light has abstract connotations associated with its ability to know things known, cleanse and bring life. These metaphorical associations exist because of light’s actual power to make visible that which would be invisible. Light is necessary for life. Light can cleanse. Light, then, is rightfully associated with goodness and safety. It is also no coincidence that light has real, concrete importance when it comes to keeping people safe, contributing to life in a number of ways and providing a great amount of support to human life. 

Light for Safety

Visibility is only possible with light. This is why cars have headlights and streets have street lights. It is also why other areas where driving happens, such as tunnels and parking garages, employ canopy lighting. Light is a necessity for driver safety and when the natural light of day is gone, it becomes essential that high-quality artificial light is available to keep people safe when they are driving a vehicle. Light gives drivers a better view of the path they are driving and helps them see pedestrians, other vehicles and potential obstructions on the road. The various lights needed to improve visibility are necessary to secure people’s safety. 

Securing people’s safety is also a vital aspect of the workplace. Light is critical to preventing accidents and injuries when people are on the job. Having good visibility to perform tasks, especially potentially hazardous ones, is virtual to workplace safety. Similar to vehicle safety, there are certain workplaces that need great visibility in order to operate heavy machinery that could result in serious injury or worse if visibility is not optimal. Lighting in the workplace is also important to workers’ personal safety, as trying to perform work in poor lighting can cause physical discomfort to their eyes, cause headaches and lead to other injuries. Quality lighting and visibility are essential elements of any workplace’s safety program.

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In a more personal sense, light has the ability to support individual safety. There can be great danger in darkness. Sometimes because the dangers are avoidable but can be avoided because they cannot be seen. Other dangers exist because anyone wishing to commit dangerous or criminal behavior prefers the cover of darkness as a means to help them commit their crimes with impunity. This is why safety experts direct those traveling at night to park and walk in well-lit areas. The risks to people’s personal safety are far more reduced when people stay in areas with plenty of light. As in the workplace, light can be a preventative measure when it comes to personal safety. 

Light for Life

It is also important to note how important light is to people’s personal health and overall wellbeing. The light from the sun can have a positive impact on people’s moods, helping them feel better. Even artificial light can have positive effects on people. It can make waking up in the morning easier and help people feel more awake throughout the day which can factor into how productive people are and whether they will be able to accomplish their goals for the day. 

For the natural world, light is critical. Of course, there are some things in nature that thrive in darkness, but they depend on the existence of things that live in light, so they also need light in order to live. Light is simply a critical part of the existence of all things. Life on Earth could not exist without life. 

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There are so many ways that light is useful to life, critical to safety and simply a necessity that it is easy to forget how valuable light truly is. It is easy to forget how important light is because modern society has rarely had to do without it. It is easy to see how imperative light is in the moments when there is none when it is still desperately needed. Artificial light and natural light both are gifts that provide humanity with more than is acknowledged. Without light, the world would be far more dangerous because people simply make mistakes when they cannot see. Light is kind of a protector itself. By making people more aware of others, by making things live or feel more alive, light makes life better. 


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