Which Celebrity NFT Portfolio Might be Worth the Investment

NFTs appear to have caught the eyes of Celebrities who have in no small way helped popularize what’s looking like the new crypto gold. Celebrities are not only rich and successful, they also don’t miss a chance to get a good payday. 

A number of Celebrities including former United States First Lady Melanie Trump have minted NFTs. When it comes to NFTs, there are practically no limits as anything that can be digitized can pass for NFTs. 

With the growing number of Celebrities minting NFTs, it’s important that investors are not carried away by the public figure behind the brand. Instead, they should focus on the value and potential of the NFTs. 

Here are some of the best celebrity NFTs that might be worth some consideration if you’re looking to invest. 

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is a famous YouTuber with professional boxing as a side hustle. with close to 22 million followers across social media platforms and an estimated annual income of $10- $20 million, Jake Paul is a public figure. 

Known for his celebrity boxing fights, Jake Paul has minted NFTs of his pictures of his fight one of which is “The Chosen One” which sold for $40,000. 

Jake Paul’s NFTs just like his older brother Logan Paul have attracted investors because of his fame and demand for his NFTs. 

When it comes to celebrity NFTs, you should consider Jake Paul’s NFTs primarily because of its potential to appreciate in value.

Many other top celebrities are known to trade like a pro with quantum-ai.io and other top platforms. These tools are designed with features that support a top user experience.

Snoop Dogg

The hip-hop legend and influencer Snoop  Dogg is a popular figure in the Cryptocurrency Community. Snoop Dogg has a collection of Bored Apes NFTs, doodles, and other NFTs worth millions of dollars.

Snoop Dogg has also minted NFTs which are available in NFTs marketplace that are valued at millions. With a large social media following and worldwide fame, Snoop Dogg’s NFTs is a top pick amongst celebrity NFTs. 

Lord TJ

Lord TJ is a social media influencer and avid crypto enthusiast. He has an enviable collection of Humanoid NFTs that are valued at millions. 

One of his NFTs sold for 20 ETH ($72,341). His NFTs are quite valuable amongst collectors because of their high demand and potential. 

Oli White

This is a youtuber and crypto investor with an interest in NFT sales and upcoming projects. He recently partnered with Owl Ventures to support Polkamon which allows players to collect in-game assets as NFTs. 

He currently has 39 NFTs in the NFT marketplace which are worth every dollar they command. 

FaZe Banks

This famous American gamer and vlogger has a collection of Cryptopunks, Bored Apes Yacht Club, Humanoids, and creature world. 

He sold one of his NFTs for $584,752. And he was reported to have made a profit of about $250,000 from another NFT sale. While he hasn’t minted his own NFTs, his collection can point investors in the right direction. 

Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort NFT portfolio has some nice NFTs that are valued at 600k dollars and investors might want to take a peek into the mind of the great Wolf Of Wall Street. 

Lil Mayo

Lil Mayo became popular on instagram for his alien memes and videos. In 2014, Lil Mayo character was created by artist Alex Martyn and it has since grown in popularity. 

His NFTs are becoming more popular and they are available in the marketplace to buyers. Investors looking for an NFT with high potential should consider Lil Mayo’s NFT Collection. 

Bottom Line

Several celebrities have entered the NFT World and many more are expected to follow. From Lindsey Lohan to Paris Hilton, celebrities are either creating NFTs or heavily investing in them. 

Some celebrity NFTs might be worth a long time investment while others might not be worth much. Hence it’s important that before investing you properly analyse the value and potential of every NFT. 

Originally posted 2023-03-09 00:50:09.


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